Not a Common Matreshka

Russian Matreshka

Probably “Matreshka” is the most famous Russian thing – it’s a wooden doll that has another smaller doll inside which also carries smaller one and this can extend up to 30 smaller and smaller dolls until reaching the smallest tiny doll thingie. They are usually painted in accordance with Russian tradition, like on the photo above.

But these day design studio has expressed another view on Matreshkas – no using one of their products you can memorize the data measurement units. The biggest doll is called Terabyte and the smallest is… ugh, what’s there, smaller than a byte?

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A New Way of Self-Defense

A New Way of Self Defense 1

Sometimes, especially in the evenings, subways in big cities can be dangerous places for a young lady to visit. So they always kind of afraid entering the underground world of evening metro. But not this girl. She tries to avoid any kind of harassment of the wild males so she uses something that would turn away any even most desperate macho away.

Watch the pictures below.

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Russian Monster-Trucks in Action

Russian Monster-Trucks in Action

In our recent publications we’ve told about strange abandoned Russian trucks. Now we’ve learned more information about them and can even see how they run. During the Soviet times such military machinery was in strict secret and used only by the the Soviet space program.

Want some more – see also the best Russian contemporary off-roads.

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Vodka Museum

museum of vodka in Russia 1

I guess they did it right when opened the Museum of Vodka in Russia. Where else they had to do it?
There are 2707 different types of vodka there, some sorts are really rare, some not. We also had featured some weird Russian vodka packages on English Russia before, like AK-47 Vodka, Police Law Book Vodka, Triple Core Processor Vodka, so we could probably contribute to this museum too if they had a virtual branch in Internet. Also you can browse all our “vodka tag” to see all the posts on English Russia that were connected to vodka, some were great.
And by the way according to the last photo even Mr. President has visited this museum.

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