26 thoughts on “Roads in Ukraine”

  1. Typically a road between major cities should be freeway standards… Russia and the Ukraine have a lot of catching up to do. I remember Ukrainian jokes were very common. This is indeed a Ukrainian joke!

  2. Why ukrainians not ivest in their infrastructure?after the so called orange revolution,the leaders of anti Russian campaign promised that after our success we bring good things to your life but they failed badly.AN 225 is the pride of the nation but country needs more to act against the corruption and failed economic planning.

  3. May be it is difficult to understand that, but this road is in a process of repairing. Highest layer was deleted. So it looks so. After few days there will be a new covering

  4. I visited the Ukraine in 2004 and generally the roads aren’t too bad. There are a few bad ones. Bearing in mind that it’s the biggest Country in Europe and they have very little spare money, I think they are doing the best with what they have. The roads in some American cities are worse and they’re supposed to be one of the richest nations in the World.

    BTW – All the people I met in the Ukraine were very friendly and really know how to party.

  5. Én hasonlókat szoktam látni mivel kamionnal járok Oroszországba.Ilyenen közlekedni nagyon durva. A fölösleges alkatrészek ilyen helyeken vállnak le az autóról. Meg a szükségesek is néha. Azért már sok helyen elkezdték felújitani,átépiteni.

  6. Come on.

    You people need to visit Albania. Take the “highway” (if you can “find” “it”) from north to south.

    If you survive, congrats|!

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  9. Just logged in for the first time in months – wanted to say I don’t like your new format. Understand the need for revenue (from sponsors), but isn’t there some way to separate them out – in the margin, etc.?

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