Drugs? I Wait for You!

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 1

There are appeared a lot of social advertising recently, the banners made in one style with one guy standing, this is either a special forces masked guy or a doctor or a guy that digs graves at cemeteries or the car repairman near the wrecked car and on every banner there is only one phrase: “Drugs? I wait for you!”.

Their appearance was found somehow funny by most of Russian Internet bloggers and many photoshopped versions started to appear in Russian Internet segment.

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 2

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 3

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 4

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 5

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 6

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 7

These above are original versions.

Below come some modified from Russian bloggers:

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 8

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 9

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 10

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 11

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 12

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 13

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 14

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 15

drugs ad in St. Petersburg 16

35 thoughts on “Drugs? I Wait for You!”

  1. 2nd photoshopped one is great– that dude is soooooo high!

    I bet that bass balalaika player is high too, and is playing Grateful Dead.

  2. Ha-ha! Remaid versions have different captions. That adds to the comical effect.
    I personally like the ‘Star Wars’ one: “Drugs?.. Dad?..” 🙂

      • Umm, you do realize that they only use pot as a medicine when people are about to die and they have no hope, right?

        • Wrong! Marijuana has been used for thousands of years for all types of ailments. During this time there has never been a known case of someone dying of a marijuana overdose. Further, while many medical studies have been conducted about marijuana, they generally supported the idea that marijuana was a relatively safe drug — not totally free from potential harm, but unlikely to create serious harm for most individual users or society.


            • people listen i’m from the Netherlands i know everything there is to know about drugs…ok? And I tell YOU i know dozens of cases were people have developed a mental illnes deu to the use of cannabis.

              • yeah and your sources are where, magical netherlandian authority? if it’s not in a psychiatric or medical journal, it’s public fear-mongering. More people per capita smoke in California than in the ‘dam (in America, to be honest), and I have yet to read a single conclusive study on the terrifying debilitating effects of the marijuana smoke.

                • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_issues_and_the_effects_of_cannabis#Effects_on_mental_health

                  From the article: Dr Stanley Zammit of Bristol and Cardiff universities (in the Daily express newspaper of the 27th of July 2007) reported “Even if cannabis did increase the risk of psychosis, most people using the drug would not get ill”

                  Apparently the risk is very small. I liken it to the risk of going crazy from walking in on your parents having sex. Of course I am not recommending pot. I am saying that each person should take into account their own personal medical history and that of their family. If your grandfather and father were psyhotic, then mind-altering substances of any kind might not be such a great idea. 🙂

  3. Maybe the first guy is trying to plant some marijuana but the rain and floods keep destroying his crop. Damn Chinese and their global warming pollution!

  4. My Russian’s rusty, but these are not too complicated… I think.

    Cthulhu: “Drugs? I wait…” (standard caption)
    Open shirt man: “Drugs? Again?”
    Trio: “Drugs? Everyone is waiting…”
    Zombie looking doctor: “Salary? There isn’t any…” (I had to look up “zarplata,” so maybe I got it wrong.)
    Obese face mask dude: “Drugs? From where?” (Unless “narkotki” is a pun and not a typo)
    De Niro: As Cthulhu
    Darth Vader: “Drugs?” “Papa?”
    Leonidas: “DRUGS!”
    Megabalalaika: As De Niro

    • Instead of “again”, its “Drugs? More?”
      Instead of “salary”, its “pay? there is none”

      other than that, you’re acccurate

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