7 thoughts on “Pirates on ATM”

  1. This is like the joke we tell about Diebold in the USA:

    “Flipping your votes,
    Counting your money”

    (Because Diebold makes Voting machines and ATMs…)

  2. There are ATM’s in america that still have default or no passwords on them. Its very easy to get them into diagnostics mode, where all kind of trouble can be caused. I bet its even more common in russia.

  3. Hey buddy, this isn’t an ATM (or a BANKOMAT as it is known as in Russia). It’s a machine for putting money on a pay-as-you go SIM card (note the logos of russian cell phone networks). This machine is a PRIEM PLATEZH in Russia – it only takes roubles, not plastic cards.

    I wish this site would get its facts right.

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