21 thoughts on “More Belarus Police”

  1. i was wondering if anyone knew the model name of this exact vehicle. it’s a curious creature, to me, as i live in the US. it appears to be a hybrid of a chrysler 300 and a dodge magnum. just was wondering the name in belarus for such a vehicle.

  2. Belarus is the true Russia.

    Take us back Putin, get rid of Lukashenko and add us back to the bloc. Its not really Russia without Belarus.


    Thats a nice looking road.

  3. theese cars??? loool I can see only one here, and I’m pretty shure that there is only one such car or lets say 10 such police patrol cars in wole bialorus, beeing used to escort VIP Guests from Airpotr to Hotel and back. Such practic is common in former USSR.

  4. The car is a Chrysler 300C Touring, a European model. The Dodge brand is not sold in Europe. Its just a Dodge Magnum in 300C skin.

  5. Okay, the police have one car, the rest are tractors….. lukeshenko spent too much money building that awful library and had enough money for one real police car. He makes me laugh….

  6. Real simple. As pointed out above, the Dodge brand was not being sold in Europe at the launch of the Chrysler 300. So the North American Dodge Magnum (shares the same platform as the Chrysler 300) was sold with the exterior sheetmetal of the Chrylser 300, this model is known as the Chrylser 300C Touring. The Chrysler Pacifica is based off the Dodge Caravan platform, clearly it’s not a Pacifica.

  7. Kill a Commie for Mommie!

    Lukeshenko, is an anathema to an otherwise progressively changing region of Eastern Europe. Moreover, he’s the last of the dyed-in-the-wool Stalinists like Kim Jong-il of North Korea, who need to be ‘moved along’ by the international community, or Belarus will just become another Albania…under former Enver Hoxa. I swear Putin, Yushenko, and KaczyƄski, keep this guy & his sycophantic oligarchy around, to make themselves look good in their own countries.

    The bullbar on the modified 300C is probably deadly on donkey carts and stray goats! I just can’t see it being used for it’s intended purpose in high speed pursuits through Minsk or Mogilev. Mind you, it would be strong enough to push start the police tractors if they stalled!

    Long live a free, open, honest, democratic, and independent Belarus…it’s long overdue.

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