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  1. I don’t think its mafia. Probabaly just some racist or anti-Semitic attack by the far right extremists which thrive under current Latvian nazi government policies. RIP

      • You would be surprised what these SS monsters are capable of. And most importantly, where they get their financial support from.

        • If that would be some kind of “SS” they would go around blowing up Lada cars. Especially when it is not a pity to blow up those pieces of rusty Russian junk.

    • Its true, Latvia is becoming a Nazi state. But I dont think local nazis blowing up nice german cars are the biggest problem this country faces. I have some russian friends in Latvia and they constantly complain about day-to-day discrimination and physical attacks against their communities by Latvian nazis. They also complain of limits in freedom of speech given to the russian minority and general treatment as second class citizens, especially by authorities.

      I really feel sorry for these people, they are my friends. And I wish their life of misery and abuse could be over. But what can I do?

      • Do you think they should move away? Don’t you think it would be more just to fix this problem and protect minorities like any other civilised country would?

        • It is true that the baltic states should make more effort in integrating the russians into the society.

          But some people on this ‘forum’ seem to forget the fact that the baltic states were invaded by the soviet union. And yes, they were invaded also by the germans during the war.

        • The saddest thing, is that some people actually belive what is written in western press. Haven’t we learned anything from the cold war? Don’t get brainwashed people..

          • Oh, yeah, my sad friend? :)) Tell us, brainwashed people, more about it. Reveal your Great Truth to us!!! :))) (Possibly we learned from the Cold War much more than you would like us to)

        • I am absolutely appalled by the amount of vicious propoganda being spread in western press. My God, just look at the titles. And some people are still doubting that cold war is back?

          When I went to Russia, russian people just couldn’t understand why their country is being attacked and slandered in such a militias way. They kept telling me, that they all just want to be friends with the west and baltic countries but the west is using any method or any opportunity to undermine russia. They really couldn’t understand why this was happening. Evil Soviet Union is long gone – they told me, “So why is our country still being attacked?” I didn’t answer this question there and then, but I certainly knew the answer at hart.

          There is no doubt that SU was a brutal despotic regime, but the west of course never really cared about its domestic policy, it was just an excuse. The real reason for all the anti-soviet propoganda, was that US was having to compete with someone, and of cource its imperial tentacles were being cut short. And now when russia is much more free and democratic, but again coming back to step on the imperial tentacles of the US, US and the west will again use any reason to discredit russia. Whether it is racism, democracy or Freedom of speach (which incedentally is much more developed in Russia than in many Europian coutries, as I am sure almost all westerners who have travel to russia will agree) – they will all be used as propaganda weapons.

          So please, if you want to know about real Russia – dont read the westen papers. Come to russis instead and find out how misled you have been over the years. Why do you think they don’t let us visit Cuba?

          • “imperial tentacles” ;)) sounds a little bit Komminternishly old-fashioned! Why don’t you write something like “imperial testicles” instead. ;)))

            Also, Mr. “Washington”, what do you mean by “Why do you think they don’t let us visit Cuba?”. Are you trying to mislead the readers and impersonate someone from the United States? :)) If so, please correct your spelling. Whatever you say about Americans, someone using a computer would possibly know how to spell correctly “hart” (spelled the way it sounds) and “cource” (frequent typo typical for Russian-speakers, as “c” sound like “s” in Russian). So, bratan (bro), despite your “When I went to Russia..” something tells me you have actually possibly never left it… 😉

            • By the way, it is funny – the other freak puppet, named “Boris Abramov”, makes the same mistakes: “My hart is with you[…]”. Ha-ha! 🙂 What a funny coincidence. 🙂 I like this…

        • Sorry, folks. Only now I discovered that I have posted broken links (while still URL is there for those who are really interested)
          So, here come the real links:
          “It is not there yet, but Russia sometimes seems to be heading towards fascism.”The Economist, 2006

          “Russia has become, in the precise sense of the word, a fascist state.”The Wall Street Journal, 2007

          “Outside a handful of showpiece cities, Russian conurbations resemble rubbish dumps.”Daily Mail, 2007

      • As sad as it might be, the link below shows in what horrible proportions Nazism is becoming more popular in Estonia. And the saddest thing is, that this is all happening under the nose of European community.


        • As I said, in Russia you can find a lot of real Nazis, or, let us better be more correct and call them Russian Chauvinist Extremists, but we can also use words popular in Russia and just call them national-patriots. And this is just a small glimpse of a real Fascism flourishing in Russia these days. Thanks Heaven, Russia is not a part of “European community” and, you can bet, it will never be!!!

          • Yes Nazism is a problem in Russia also, but like “Washington” said ,it is not state supported of financed. Here are just a few examples of this state-suppored Facism and anti-Semitism in Estonia:

            In February 2005 the Ministry of Defense distributed a movie to Estonian schools, which praised Estonian volunteers to the SS during World War II and claimed that the Nazi occupation saved Estonia from the Soviets. No mention was made of the SS murder of Jews or of the transportation of thousands of Jews to camps in Estonia.

            On 9 February 2005 the newspaper Kesknadal of the mainstream Centrist Party, a member of the government coalition, published an article by former Nazi legionnaire, I. Saar entitled, “History Cannot Be Sold at Auction,” criticizing the Estonian government’s decision from September 2004 to dismantle a memorial in the city of Lihula honoring Estonian SS soldiers.

            On 16 July 2005 about 1,500 former Estonian SS collaborators held a rally in Tartu, attended by Rein Lang, minister of justice (Reform Party).

            In mid-August a group of Holocaust researchers from Germany visiting Estonia discovered that the memorial to Holocaust victims in Klooga had been desecrated. The memorial marks the place where 2,000 Jews were shot to death and burnt on 19 September 1944. A local Jew told the visitors that the desecration had occurred in summer 2004 but the perpetrators had not been caught and the memorial was never repaired.

            In early August the trial of Olev Khannula for incitement of hatred began in the city of Tallinn. In 2003 he wrote “Jews to the oven” on the Internet forum of the Delfi news site. The prosecutor said that the trial would serve as a precedent, establishing a clear line between freedom of speech and incitement of ethnic hatred.

            Do you want more examples?

            • Apart from it being the most evil repressive organisation that tortures political opponents in secrete prisons of the eastern- European US puppet states, assassinations, interference in the affairs of sovereign governments, financial support of terrorist organisations, etc – absolutely nothing!

        • Do you really think a country that has installed a monument to SS fascist soldiers could ever be called civilised?

          I have been to russia, and I know that there is problem with racism and xenophobia just like any other country in the world (which incedentally have been blown out of all proportion by the western media), but at least this nazism is not state-supported as it is in Estonia and other Batic countries.

          This is what Estonian ministers do in their spare time:


          • Regarding that Estonian minister’s party with a stageplay about Hitler – Do you know what the play was about? What actor playing Hitler was telling? What was the drama about?
            You see, Russian media and diplomats started a terrible uproar due to this fact. But what was this all actually about – they have never told anyone! The fact that the Hitler appeared on a stage was considered a crime by itself!
            Is it really a crime? Tell me – how many movies, even Soviet movies, showing Hitler can you name? Many. I do not know exactly how many, but quite a lot. Watching such a movie shall be considered a crime in your opinion, right?
            So? You are being furious about something you do not know exactly what, something that looks even more like just another reason for your rabid hatred howls.

    • This is the best comment in this thread.

      Shouldn’t nazis be going round physically abusing russians, instead of blowing up some shady entrepreneur cars?

      I do think that Latvia is quite a peaceful country, when compared to Russia, where a lot of black people get stabbed every day by the real nationalists.

      And – I do think that a huge majority of russians are living quite good and are not complaining every day about any nazis or nationalists. Yes, there are some guys who get paid to do some attacks or marches, but to be honest – nor latvians, nor russians care about that any more. The idea of this whole nazi thing is advertised by uneducated russian politicians and media.

    • “I don’t think its mafia. Probabaly just some racist or anti-Semitic attack by the far right extremists which thrive under current Latvian nazi government policies. RIP”
      What a f#cking nonsense!!!
      You are completely f#cked out of your mind!!!

  2. Latvia’s banking system is one of the most active money laundering places in the world. That is the reason why couple of months ago American Express closed all its accounts in Latvia.

  3. as for the german numberplates…..you can see very much German number plates….most of the times those cars are just brought from Germany to East Europe where they get selled. People buy them because its cheaper than to buy in their own country

    • pure ignorance…

      its not German numberplates, those are EU numberplates /with LV abbreviation on it/, member of which is Latvia as well.

  4. Boris Abramov, what kind of pot have you been smoking lately? 🙂 Ouch, watching Russian TV? Well, that’s nearly the same :))

    • I am nout sure what you mean. Your question seems to be totally out of the blue. Are you sure you are replying to the right post?…… But nevertheless, I will answer your rather strange question.

      No, I do not watch as much russian “TV” as I would like to, purely because I live in the UK. How’s that for you?

      Just a tip, – next time try to make some sense 🙂

  5. OK, am I the only one that sees a car that caught fire, possibly just because of something faulty in the car, or maybe an accident? An explosion of even a small magnitude inside that car would at least deform the roof to SOME extent, and no windows would be intact. In pictures 2 and 4 you can see the sunroof…on the INSIDE of the car, not on the outside as one might expect from an explosion, especially one originating in the front passenger area.

    I can’t believe you people are arguing like little children over a car that you 1. Have ZERO evidence or information concerning the owners and their potential ties to anything related to government, the mob, etc AND 2. Have ZERO evidence that explosives were involved. For all you know, Olga went to flick her cig out the window and missed, setting the seat on fire.

    Use your mind for once. I swear this generation believes everything they are told they see. Be discerning…think original thoughts…ASK QUESTIONS!…you are no longer under the regime that once was the USSR…YOU ARE NOT A LEMMING UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO BE.

  6. As a frequent visitor to English Russia, I am appalled at the amount of childish comments its readers tend to write. It is always the same, someone writes something that disagrees with someone else and all hell brakes loose. Where the hell are the moderators to this board. It is truly a “free-for-all” here. I love it and I hate it at the same time. I am still not convinced about traveling to any country in the former Soviet Union.

    Los Rusos, la verguenza de la raza blanca!


    • D,

      The thing that is most disturbing about this site is that it is no longer viewed bu a small amount of interested viewers, it is regularly linked through sites such as Gizmodo.com and boingboing.net – it is an affluent worldwide audience!

      The sad reality here is that this “Wild West” of a commentators paradise needs to be “corralled” and controlled, in very much the same way all things that become popular and big get. Call it “corporatization” (if there is such a word) of Russia.

      Welcome to the big leagues.


  7. Do You think minorities could be minorities if they are 45% of all Latvian population!? I dont think so, if they feel so bad in Latvia why they are living there!!!???

    • Because of their set lives.if they wanna go back to Russia,they shall not be welcome by Russians either…in my personal opinion they have to have armed struggle against all Baltic states.

      • i’ll be waiting for this moment when those armed aliens will be kicked out to rodina where they belong to! people from Baltic states will allways remember how they relatives were sent to siberia by soviets. too bad, modern cargo trains are too comfy.

      • Especially for you. Go read this, this and other info on Latvia. Possibly that will let you to understand at least to some extend the things you are trying to talk about.

  8. … by the way. Those who noticed an advertisement of Russia Today propaganda TV channel on the right, might wonder, if financing and support for this Web site are in any way related to the people running Russia Today. Of course, it might be just innocent coincidence, but still it is indicative. It gives you a feeling of what kind of people you are dealing with, where their interests, friends, connections etc are.
    Sometimes, when I feel in a right mood, I watch Russia Today. I find it hilarious. One of the least professional TV channels I know. Pure propaganda, amateurish at that. Raving mad anti-Western. Fun to watch. Talking heads like Justin here telling nonsense and trying to be proud of things one actually should be ashamed about. Just plain cool! :)))

    • Oh come on, you know as well as I do that the number 1 reason for creating “Russia Today” was to counterbalance horrific western anti-russian propaganda. So can you give me some examples of “propaganda”, wich Russia Today is producing?

  9. IMHO, it’s Russia that is sick, sick “democracy”, sick government, sick business and sick nation. are there any normal processes in Russia? of course yuo have lots of bright people, but they do not live long. russian nation is like big hungry beaten dog. i hope some day russia (not empire) will rise, but not with such authorities. peace

    • I can understand why you might hate Soviet Union, but what has modren Russia or it people to do with it? Not only did Estonians or Latvians suffer under the soviet regime, but also Jews and russians themselves. Why can’t hateful, narrow-minded nationalists like you understand that?

      • Dear Boris.
        Modern Russia has to do everything with it, as long as it glorifies the Stalin and Soviet era, denies or ignores crimes against its own and other people, and effectively more or less continues the USSR foreign policy in USSR traditions. As long as the former KGB officer, who thinks that the “collapse of USSR was the worst geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century”, runs the country and threatens its neughbours, so long the modern Russia has to do with it everything.
        Yes, in reply to your standard trick that “not only [place the name here] suffered, but also Jews and Russians themselves” (I just wonder why do you mention Jews here, I guess nobody was speaking about them. Normally only Russians are mentioned. Ah! I got it. You want to imply that Jews are hated in Baltics and, if not denied, it will get woven into the fabric of conversation and will indirectly strengthen your point that Baltics nowdays are a stronghold of Nazi antisemitic ultra-right don’t-know-what! 🙂 Nice move!!! Congratulations! You are a scumbag, but you are smart! 😉 ) OK, getting back to the point – similarly the German people suffered under the Nazi regime in Hitler’s Third Reich! The fact that also the Germans themselves suffered under Hitler did not relieve them from dealing with Germany’s Nazi past, condemning the crimes of the regime and denazifying. Germany has been very successfull in this. Unlike Russia, who has not even really tried. Admission of Soviet Occupation of Baltic states and Katin massacre of Poles, which were done by Boris Yeltsin, were a good start and could lead to the reconciliation in time. But now, Mr. Putin has turned it all back into the old track again.

        • From the comments you made, I can clearly see that you would fit perfectly in the two types of personalities. From this I can tell that you are ether a CIA propagandist (which are fast becoming more popular) whose fundamental objective is to discredit Russia using any excuse or method available, or you are one of those sad people (mostly for the Baltics) that have been brainwashed by Nationalist government-sponsored propaganda, which I am sad to say is quite common in those countries.

          If you are the first type, I have absolutely nothing to say to you because no doubt you know that best and most effective techniques of spread anti-Russian propaganda, – and I just can’t compete with that.

          If you are the Second type, then I will spend my valuable time on replying to your unpleasant comments, because frankly, I genuinely pity brainwashed people like you and opening your eyes slightly would certainly be a good achievement for me.

          “as long as it glorifies Stalin and Soviet era”

          May I be correct in presuming that you mean – “official Russian propaganda” of this? If so, then I must again say that you are terribly misinformed (I wonder why?). I travel to Russia quite often and I have NEVER heard, seen or read in the media anything that would glorify Stalin ( However, I have read plenty of articles in the Baltic press that openly glorifies Hitler and the atrocities that he has committed). Stalin was terrible dictator who has prosecuted, repressed and executed millions of Russians (which fact Putin has incidentally confirmed on many occasions). So why would Russians ever glorify this monster? – I don’t know, it doesn’t make sense to me, but I guess it makes sense to the “independent” Baltic media. Incidentally, my family was also affected by his purges, but I digress….

          “denies and ignores crimes against its own people” – I am totally lost with this one 😕 Please be kind enough to explain yourself.

          “USSR foreign policy and USSR traditions”
          – Again, just an empty propaganda slogan without any explanation or reasoning, designed to quickly penetrate the brain of the victim being brainwashed (typical of the things written in western press). Again, explain!

          The Jewish issue:

          The only reason I have mentioned this, is because I have a lot of Jewish friends and relatives living in the Baltics. And they are very distressed buy the current Nationali/Facistic trends that are currently being adopted by the Baltic States. They are even more worried by the Racism, anti-Semitism and Xenophobia, which have been rising steadily over the last few years. Also, all Jewish people I know, were absolutely appalled by the situation in Estonia. Not because of the Solder, but mostly by the revival of state-supported and state-sponsored Fascism. Many people say to me – “if Jewish community had real problems, why are only Russians complaining?” – This is also false! There have been quite a constant flow of complains from the Jewish community about Estonian domestic policy. But again, they were downgraded if not silenced in the western media. And why not? After all, as far as the media is concerned, it’s the heat of the Cold War and only anti-Russian material is applicable.
          Another issue, is that the insignificant Jewish community in Estonia doesn’t want any problems from the authorities because they are simply sacred to voice their opinions more vocally (60 years ago, was enough repression for them). But nevertheless, when Estonian government started to hear some complaints for the UN with regards to its treatment of minorities, they were as usually very clever and decided to build the first synagogue in Estonia. Well-done Estonia! This chap PR stunt has certainly worked like a treat for you. Now that, was certainly a “nice” move, don’t you think?

          • “Baltic press that openly glorifies Hitler and the atrocities that he has committed”. Wow! This one is good! I live in Riga and I have never read or heard anything like that! I guess, you, who lives somewhere else and has some “friends” here who tell you things, know better…

            • Why didn’t you answer any of my questions? Is it because you have nothing to say, becasue you know that you are lying? Or was that CIA propoganda training insufficient?

          • You say: “However, I have read plenty of articles in the Baltic press that openly glorifies Hitler and the atrocities that he has committed”. In addition to what I said before, let me ask you. How could you read the articles? Do you speak Latvian, Estonian or Lithuanian? Really? Do you? 🙂 Don’t think so. Few people do. So where could you have read those articles? (Despite the fact that, as I said, I have never seen such articles in Latvia ever anywhere) Did you read them in local Russian press? Did you? If so, they are of your team – pro-Moscow and anti-Latvian (/Estonian/Lithuanian) – sorry. Deal with them yourself! But I do not think this is what you meant. Where else? Baltic press published in English – no – there are just few media and they are mainly for businessmen and tourists, so that should not be the case.
            So. What do we have here in a reminder????
            What we have here is the already obvious fact that you are a damn liar!!!

      • (P.S. I did read some of your comments at this site’s forum. I have got an impression that you are some weird kind of a chauvinist leftist braindead leftist f#ck. The kind that shapes the Russia’s foreign policy these days. Horrible.)

          • Wired….., but I actually agree with you this time. Yes its true, Russians or should I say “Slavs” are not naturally very clever (of course I don’t want to make stereotypes) but I guess the revolution has something to do with that. And yes, roads outside big cities are terrible. But were did you get this ridicules idea that I want or consider Russia to be a superpower? – This is the last thing any thinking or at least reasonably informed person might want. One evil superpower ( the US) is enough for the world + China is getting reasonably close to that status. If Russia also had the characteristic and a status of superpower, then I am sure this current “cool war” could potentially tern very “Hot” and that, of course, is the last thing anyone would ever want. I hope you agree at least on this issue.

            • You say: “I actually agree with you this time. Yes its true, Russians or should I say “Slavs” are not naturally very clever”. Here I should point to you, that your comment is very curious.
              Why? Because I never said that Russians are “not naturally very clever”. So you actually have nothing to agree to.
              But what it very much looks like is that you are either (A) Nazi style rasist viewing slavs as subhumans, but I hardly can imagine anyone of a Jewish origin to stand so openly in Herr Hitler’s positions, at least not in public, or more likely – (B) you are provocateur, manipulating the information and attributing to me the ideas that I have never expressed and don’t hold, in order to mislead others in thinking that your claims about fascist Nazi rasist etc. nature of Latvians are grounded at least to certain extend.
              Poor chance for earning respect in any case…

              • Well done! 🙂 You managed to twist my words like a real professional. Are you taking lessons form Washington Post? Very typical of the western media, might I add. For example, as you might know, Russia has never threatened to point its nuclear missiles at “European Cities” as it was stated in many western papers and news resources, this was again twisted by the western media. What Russia said, was that they, would be forced to target the “facilities” housing the US missile shield. Again, objective western media made it look like Putin was threatening Europe with nuclear strike. Great 🙂 Just makes you wonder what else they and people like you are twisting or lying about, doesn’t it?

                • Hey! I appreciate hearing compliments from a skilled twist-master! Instead of explaining your racist views on Slavs, you start talking about missile shield! 😉
                  Reminds me a lot of the Russian mass media, really…

  10. Another hilarious site. I recommend it to all the borises abramovs, washingtons and justins, who bravely fight for a better, just and multi-polar world! Ura, towarischi, ura!!! (Hurrey, Comrades, hurrey!) 😉

  11. If someone is interested, you could go and see here how Jewish gentlemen is beaten by the Russian guy online in TV show. Just for mentioning, that Russians also may be fascists. That is the real Russian position. Everyone is fascist and Nazi, except for themselves, because they are Russians and therefore they are special and exceptional – perfect, beautiful, and always right by default .

      • Waht lies have I ever said? You are the one spreding sick propoganda about russia and its people. What are you talking about?

        • By the way, I shall to certain extend apologize to Justin. I looked back through all of the posts and – it was personally you and not him, who started it all: “Comment by Boris Abramov 2007-08-30 08:15:40”. He joined in in reply to your post.

          I don’t really see any sense in talking to you. You have no shame.

          • No, you see no sense in talking to me because I didn’t swallow your sick Nazi propaganda as many other people have done without any reasoning or factual evidence. But never mind, I am sure you will find plenty of naive people who will belive all your terrible and cruel lies with the help of western media, but not this time I am afraid.

            People please, learn to think for yourselves! Always question what you read, see and hear! And what ever you do – DO NOT become brainwashed victims of the New Cold War both in russia and the west!

          • PS: My first comment was supposed to be ironic. If people like are choosing to interpret it literary, than this would indicate their own insecurity and a certain sense of guilt on this issue.

            • “My first comment was supposed to be ironic” – I could even believe you if there would not be all the other of your comments. So I must regretfully conclude that you are lying.
              “insecurity and a certain sense of guilt on this issue” – I read somewhere in the news recently that one of the famous tricks of the Russians is “to point the finger back at the victim”. It works quite well, doesn’t it?

  12. Frankly, I am not even going to grant a relevant response to this comment. Because it would seems pretty obvious, that this is yet another anti-Russian propaganda attempt by orknexus.

    Attention! – if you would like to improve on your propaganda or “PR” skills, or perhaps learn about various effective techniques – please contact orknexus! You will become an propaganda expert in just 7 working days!

    Good luck!

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  13. I’ve actually heard that it’s common for western cars to be vandalized all over East Europe. Look up BMW fire in Belgrade

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  15. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.


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