15 thoughts on “Cemetery Recycles”

  1. I was in Moscow and Cheboksary last year. I couldn’t find any inter-city cemeteries. I was told by my girlfriend that Russians are spooked by death, and therefore prefer cemeteries in the countryside.

    Cemeteries are great to interpret a city’s history. I am curious… Do Russians prefer burial or cremation? Are above ground crypts common in cemeteries? What about indoor mausoleums? Are they common? Mr. Webmaster I would like to see some pictures of some cemeteries in Russia.

    • Yes there are some large cemeteries in Moscow. The bigest and the most famous one is the “Vagankovskoe Kladbishe”. It has the graves of some very famous people – Actors, musicians (like “Visotsky” and “Talkov”), politicians and even killed mafia leaders. I think its near the metro “Barikadnaya”. If your are ever in moscow again, I would definatlly see it.

  2. At least Russian aware of importance of Recycling.i think this plant is recycles bones for gelatin.very good idea.hole world should follow this trend.once again Russians proved their environment friendly image! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.

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