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  1. Looks like someones birthday party… But at least they seem to have fun.

    And everybody is drinking like a fish. The ultimate goal appears to be to get drunk asap. The girls are ignored… poor Светлана’s. No-one to check where their legs meet… 😉

  2. note swastika burned into ceiling, 6th photo, behind skinhead.

    Russia better do something about the fascists, or it will welcome another dark 60 years. If you love your freedom and an open society, stand up and be counted. If there’s one thing Yeltsin showed in 1991, there is strength in numbers. Don’t be lazy and accept some loss of freedom in return for economic stability and fancy western products.

    • That’s why i convening some constitutionally restrictions over the freedom of something doing against the any kind of racial discrimination.new Nazis,ultra right wingers,so called nationalists are forgotten big black history of their past,when Nazi Germany invaded soviet union and murdered millions of civilians and soldiers.if the soviet people not showed their resistance,this world might changed forever.emerging new Russian generation is not aware of the history of their country.if they aware of this,they might be doing something else! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.

  3. These “discos” are no different from the ones in Lithuania. A lot of booze, cheap russian or lithuanian pop and a lot of drunk pantyless blonds, which we call fyfos. The “dicos” in real night clubs are better. These “discos” are in schools or smtn like that. They’re really low class and there are a lot of drunk 14-17 year-olds

    • That is the reason why Latvians, Estonians and Lithuanians avoid places where this type of cheep post-soviet “russophone” youth is relaxing. Aside from being estethicaly unpleasing, such places and their vicinity are dangerous for passers-by. You can easily be robbed (so called gop-stop) or just beaten to death for not being Russian. That is the legacy of Soviet Union.

    • You should visit Lithuania. It really was like that you said, but 20 years ago. Russians occupied our country and made it to look like Russia (dirty and with a lot of cheap alchohol). But we aren’t like that.

  4. You can really meet such discos and clubs in small villages and small towns. Local youth it is universal consists from people who like drink and outlaw

  5. Seems to me, boys are sleeping and chicks are bored to death because nobody approaches them 🙂 And after so much beer i don’t think someone must try hard to do so!

  6. LOL spent 1 semester in Russia studying and I can tell you it’s the opposite of these pictures, and the girls WOW you should find some pictures of nightclubs there. They’re stunning!

  7. а как у них?

    идем на flickr.com
    задаем в поиске loveparade
    вот где действительно МЕРЗОСТЬ

  8. Bahahahahahahaha!

    It IS a disco!

    Don’t you have night clubs for “Clubbing” in Russia?!?

    You can tell it was fun by all the people that are SLEEPING!

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  10. why are the guys danceing with each other?!?!? there is like an 8 to 1 ratio of women to men in russia. there is no excuse for male homosexuality in russia!!! i mean i can understand it in america. our women are greedy materialistice fat nasty snaggle toothed evil psyco hose beasts with not one redeeming quality! but not in russia!! oh wait thats right, russian women like being women!! imagine that! no millitant feminisem….

  11. these look like pictures from specific parties, not “discos” either way for a small town (isn’t that what a province is) those seem pretty normal. welcome to the rest of the world, city people.

  12. I believe I just have been acknowledged about this issue
    at bar yesterday by a mate, but at that moment
    it didn’t caugh my attention.

  13. I enjoyed browsing this website. This page here is the best. It’s evident this was a binge drinking party. The people look completely trashed. ha ha ha!!

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