Easy to Ruin, Hard to Restore

an ecocatastrophe in Ural area 1

This is a typical Ural landscape. Looking at this picture it is hard to imagine, how this beautiful nature can be changed by the human activity. But such is the reality…

The industrial city Karabash has been founded in 1822. It took only about 170 years to make a local ecocatastrophe in this place.

an ecocatastrophe in Ural area 2

an ecocatastrophe in Ural area 3

an ecocatastrophe in Ural area 4

an ecocatastrophe in Ural area 5

an ecocatastrophe in Ural area 6

an ecocatastrophe in Ural area 7

an ecocatastrophe in Ural area 8

an ecocatastrophe in Ural area 9

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28 thoughts on “Easy to Ruin, Hard to Restore”

  1. The sad thing is, there are people who know much things cost, but not the value of a place like this. It was destroyed to make a few dollars, no money can buy it back.

  2. Lol, why so much b/s…ural was and still is a beautiful place to go and visit…i never knew that couple of pictures from excavating side can be attributed to the whole region…but then again based on other content on this site i am not suprised…-1 to the author

    • Yes you are right.if this industrial complex never exist ,CPSU of Russia not able to be developed their space programme.

  3. It still looks pretty there, in comparison to some of the Chernobyl pictures that have been posted in the past, I think Ural is OK !

  4. I was there. It is an idustrial zone of Karabash. couple kilometres away you can finde good nature….and one of the most beautiful and pure lakes i ever saw – “Uveldi”

  5. The black spot. And nearby is the most radioactive place on earth; Lake Karachay (caused by the nuclear complex Mayak nearby). There are more poluted places in the Urals, for instance the industrial area between Pervouralsk and Revda and the unhealty city of Severouralsk. But in general it is worth visiting. E.g. this picture from the Circumpolar Urals: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/37/Saranpaul_-_view_over_river.jpg


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