25 thoughts on “Bulb Earrings”

  1. This reminds me of the Zelle catalog: http://www.zellestyle.com/

    They make jewelry out of computer components. Some of it is really good-looking stuff.

    • Global Warming!!


  2. But they don’t light up! what’s the point?

    They could modify them with a coin battery and led to get them to light. Now that, I would buy!

  3. we can make them light in a short time – the quation is – do u need them…and what price u can give for this lighting-feature

  4. I don’t really know how good it’d be to use normal light bulbs like that.. the base is held together with lead solder, hardly what you’d want to have in contact with your skin.

  5. let’s wait for miss indian’s comment. probably like “OMG Russians are so poor! They couldn’t even afford a real earring, instead of it a light bulb!!!”

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