Soccer Nazis

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Recently on some Russian and Ukrainian stadiums new type of soccer (football as they call soccer in Europe) fans appeared. They call themselves “Soccer Nazis”, they wear Ku Klux Klan type robes and hats and come to games with Nazi flags depicting crosses or even with full size human dolls made of dark material. They yell motos like “Monkeys go home”, meaning that they are against the new players in Russian and Ukrainian teams which come by contracts from African countries. Most people look at them like at a live circus visiting football games but to what it may overgrow nobody knows no.

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      • Yes i try to visit to US,not only southern part of USA but hole country.southern US has long history of racial discrimination…they `import` slaves.they market them and force to work .but after the civil war they totally run their secret organization in all parts of southwest.ku klux klan is not only terrorist but against the humanity.if Bush is so popular in south West why he take some action against the KKK.because of his ancestors are founder of this organization.`old sin,new shame`.

          • You mean when grown men go out to play, wearing BONNETS,

            and DRESSES,

            and VEILS (oh, MY!)

            [bonnets and dresses and veils (oh, my!)
            bonnets and dresses and veils (oh, my!)
            Oh, we’re off to see the whizzard…]

            Actually I DO remember the 2k elections, when US communists tried to steal an election while accusing Republicans of stealing it. How much do you know of those Absentee-ballots in Florida? It is a significant issue.

            Oh, iwork counting ballots, all night long,
            (daylight come and me want to go home)

            Fixing them up, where they punched wrong,
            (daylight come and me want to go home)

            Count 6 thousand, 7 thousand, 8 thousand GORE!
            (daylight come and me want to go home)

            You better pay no mind to the stuff on the FLOOR!
            (daylight come and me want to go home)
            Come Mister Democrat, Tally up me ballots…

            __original parody lyrics ©2000 by Xpltivdletd (in his actual name)

            If you study our politics long enough, you will see it for yourself. We have one political party whose signature move is to step on your neck while accusing you of being the oppressor. This lot opposed U.S. Civil Rights reforms with lies and with actual violence. Then, after Republicans (back when they still HAD backbones) managed to enact these reforms anyway, the Democrats somehow persuaded most minority groups to blame Republicans for their historic plight. They persuaded them to see Democrats as their defenders against “racist” Republicans.

            Get back to me at your convenience, regarding FL Absentee-ballots. Best regards.

  1. There is a strong correlation between the rise of these groups and the unemployment rate or poverty rates. I am amazed that the KKK is in Russia. It’s sad to see this type of US export.

  2. Why do they like Sponge Bob Square Pants? I always thought Sponge Bob was a little bit gay but I still like the cartoons. 🙂

  3. Try visiting a civilised European country and watch the football there. The best football league in the world is the English premiership, and while they’ve got lots of black players most of them are, shockingly, white!

    If you cause any sort of trouble at an English football ground, or if you so much as put on your KKK robes at a match, they’ll arrest you, charge you, try you, find you guilty, punish you, and then deport you – and you’ll not see another game of English football for many years because you’ll be banned from all the grounds and possibly banned from entering the country at all. Do not think that you can escape arrest; trying to resist arrest will just get you hurt.

    It’s a curious thing, though: Britain has a higher percentage of blacks in the population than Russia, but they don’t seem to have taken over. Nor have the Jews! Amazing!

    Shocking, I know, but in civilised nations different types of people mostly just get along with each other.

    • It’s true. England and the FA curtailed the racist activities at football games in the 90′ with strong counter measures, ie. arrest, prosecution and bans. No doubt this is the right thing to do. However it does not cure racism as a problem, English people are just as racist as the rest of Europe but they are controlled and appear civilized.

  4. What they’re really afraid of is a black player coming along who will kick the white asses of their favorite players, thus making a lie of “white superiority”.
    The same thing happened in the U$ when baseball was first “intergrated”. The rednecks had a fit, but were soon enough ignored, just as these haters shall soon enough be. Nowdays, American teams are mostly black. It’s called progress, and anyone who stands in its way will be swept away by the future.

  5. Racism is rampant in Europe as well. It’s more apparent at football matches but no longer confined there. Makes me wonder why the Europeans think so highly of themselves.

  6. hu … the pictures with the negro-doll and sponge-bob are pictures from germany, berlin, I guess. I remember me, there was a soccer-game here and a big scandal after it 1 or 2 years ago, but I am not shure. But one of this nazifans is wearing a scarf with a “BFC”-icon on black-red-gold (berliner fußball club, colours of gdr aka eastgermany) I mean, so, at least its not a new racist-thingi … .
    Dont mention the war.

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