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    • Those old Volgas were certainly very durable and reliable cars. That’s problay the reason why there are still so many of them about.

        • 2.4L 70hp 4cyl. They were not durable or reliable.

          Only reason there are so many of them (even in Cuba) is they are cheap and cheap to fix.

          • You are quite wrong. This model was never exported to Cuba, because exports of soviet models to Cuba started much later (in the 70’s). However, I did see Gaz 24 in Havana and ones in Trinidad.

            Regarding reliability, I know an old man who had this car for nearly 40 years, and as he told me – he never had any problems with it in all these years. However, you are right, they are cheap and relatively easy to fix.

              • I don’t think so. Thay are way behind their European or even American rivals. Whether its performance, refinement, equipment or saftey, – they are simply in a different league. However, in the 60’s and the 70’s they certainly could compete.

                • Guess it depends on where you are from. I live in the US but prefer Japanese vehicles. For the most part I have no interest in European or American vehicles.

                  • Yes, I too would choose Japanese over American cars anyday. But Europian cars are still more stylish, reliable and economical. What do you think about the new chinese market? TheY are supposed to be posing a real threat to American, Japanese and even Europian producers, whith their effective copies of established models.

                    Here are few examples:




                    Can you make out some well known designs?

                    • I agree with your European car styling/economical comment. I believe BMW’s are very stylish cars. As far as reliability goes, I am not sure if I have ever seen a European car on top in any reliability survey. Lexus is ALWAYS #1. Although according to JD Power & Associates, Buick tied with Lexus this year in reliability. I am not sure how Buick accomplished this. You probably wont see them on top of anyone else reliability list.

                      I find the Chinese cars a little humorous. I just can’t understand why someone would want to own a vehicle that was clearly a copy of another car. There used to be a guy in the town I live in that drove a Ford Mustang with Mercedes emblems on it. He was obviously entitled to do what he wanted to to his car, but no one could possibly take that seriously.

                      Anyway, a coworker of mine(who lives in China) said that I would do well to avoid the Geely’s if they come to America. Of course that is one persons opinion. Haven’t heard anything else about them other than that.

                    • Not sure about German cars, as far as design goes. However, this is definatlly me 🙂



                    • Yeah the Alfa’s are a sweet ride. I think I could manage to burn the tires off the 159 :)!

                      My wish list (this changes frequently):

                    • What about Renault-Nissan? Carlos Ghosn is kicking out some nice looking vehicles that are high in quality.

                    • European cars are not that reliable-the quality has been worsened recently. Highest quality is Japanese, and second highest, believe it or not is American!-they are improving.

  1. Now we can say,old is gold.but old is old too.so many things we saw everyday but we don`t notice.few decades ago these oldish Volgas are prestigeious and symbols of upper class in Soviets.peoples of Soviet union dreams this car.but now this machine is become just old cart.


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