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    • All trash in Russia is burned-those in the cities don’t see this, but outside all villages they have a section of land where people dump their trash (recycling nothing). Then the trash is burned-that’s right, toxic fumes from plastic, etc. everywhere.

    • All trash in Russia is burned. Most people living in cities don’t see this, but outside every village there is a section of land where people dump their trash (no recycling of any kind), which is burned all the time-that’s right, toxic fumes from plastic everywhere.

    • Sorry for the double post-the server was probably very congested or something, but I didn’t see the first post even after 5 minutes.

      • Sorry for the double post-the server was probably very congested or something, but I didn’t see the first post even after 6 minutes.

      • It does not disappear, when you burn something it changes composition. The original matter still exists but exists in a different form (i.e Gas, Solid, etc).

    • That’s what I was wondering too. There are many toxins including barium, beryllium, phosphorus, lead and many other hazardous chemicals. People are supposed to recycle them in the US and most cities have recycling plants for them.

      I still think it is funny how Russians think that the US pollutes more than other nations.

      • You are old liar.we are still firm on our stand,that US is the largest contributor to the damaging of environment of the world.Americans export their electronic and computer junk to china and India for so called `Recycling`.but in these under developed countries they burn and dump waste leftovers to rivers and oceans.American shifts their responsibilities to others.emission of green house gasses,carbon pumping in the air and polluting seas by throwing radio active wasts are common crimes of U ASS.do something positive for the future and close your mouth for the good of environment! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  1. If I got rid of my hard drive I would do the same thing. When you discard a PC, all your personal information, websites you have visited, saved passwords are still stored. Not even window washing programs can clear them. Best to burn your hard drive…

  2. Texas2 has a problem. Yes, we export old computers and other electronics to so-called “third world” countries, but everybody is supposed to benefit. Whether they do or not is another question. But we benefit by ridding ourselves of materials that would be too labor-intensive to retrieve, and those countries to which they are exported are supposed to benefit from those same labor-intensive activities in retrieving the precious metals [gold, silver, palladium, etc] that go into the making of computers. I wish I had the time to retrieve them. There’s gold in tham thar thangs!

  3. Hard to belive that is was easier to haul them to the dump and burn them then to offer them for free on craigslist. This whole “Who pollutes more” thing is pointless. The old USSR had a really BAD track record for preserving the enviorment but ALL of the industrialized nations have contributed and of course the US has defintly kicked in it’s sorry share. However we dont need a scapegoat, we need a solution.

  4. Hmm, that is terrible for the environment. But it does looks cool. Also when US ships computers to other countries where they get all the gold, silver, and etc out, and I’m am pretty sure silicon valley in California has a plant that takes out the gold, it is illegal to dispose of computers this way in America. Also, yes, Americans do produce a lot of e-waste because we have a good (yeah right) economy and common households can afford things like computers, and mp3 players, and cellphones, etc for every member of their family, even children 8-18 have cellphones now in America.. But we choose ways of disposing them that are better for the environment now (in the past we didn’t care). And some manufacturers are using better materials for their products, like as an example apple computers make their computers, ipods, laptops, etc- out of glass, aircraft quality aluminium, and higher quality plastics making them more desireable for recycling because of their quality. I’m sure Russia will catch up if they haven’t all ready, there is really no telling how old this picture is. Also I have the same IBM in that picture with the blue trim. Its now a security camera control system for my house thats a good way to recycle.

  5. I have seen this everywhere in Russia.. dumping, burning, hiding, anything to get it out of our hands. It is our mentality to not care about others… this is because after communism fell,we felt betrayed and was kicked into the deep end of this new capitalist system that does not share. so why should we care if someone else breathes the toxic from our broke computer? next week someone does it to me.. and so on and on and on……. not our problem!
    Russia will never recycle.

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