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    • This must be first positive comment from MaxD.


      You comments tend to be quite informative, but for some reason they always end up quite negative and pessimistic. And I really want to understand why? Is it because you are a pessimist by nature? Is it because you are going through depression, or having some domestic problems?

      Perhaps if you told us all your problems, we could understand you better, or even could help in some way. What’s the matter, buddy? Life is so wonderful. Why can’t you just enjoy it while its still here? Come on, don’t be shy, tell me your problem – I won’t judge. If that is too difficult for you, I know a wonderful doctor who has helped many people going through similar problematic circumstances. Come on maxD, open up. I just want to help 🙂

  1. What a fascinating series of lives in Moscow…all on one bench…Muscovites appear very attractive (mainly) in these photos…I must say that I find the blog most interesting and I shall be bookmarking it for further visits.

    I hope some of your readers will visit my blog ‘An Unrepentant Communist’..


    Greetings to you all from County Kerry in Ireland

  2. They are real Muscovites or just acting as their ancestors in soviet times?by the order of local committee.if Stalin alive,he might be mad today. and i must kill them and wipe out their villages………..

  3. I read somewhere else,that Russian population going downwards and their rate of birth is so alarming.when i saw these pics i must say that at least in Moscow there is 6 ladies to every single man.how nasty proportion.

  4. I would like to publicly apologize to those people who I have impersonated and attacked on this site without any reason or provocation. You must understand, I live in a pathetic little trailer with only my sister and tv to keep me company. My old folks are encouraging us (me and my sister) to get married, saying it would improve both of our lives. But I am very hesitant, because my true love is Daisy the Sheep. All day, I have nothing to do apart form going to the only internet cafe in Texas and annoy other more fortunate people.

    Please forgive me…

    • No, this bench stands in a park near Pure Ponds (metro station “Chistye Prudy”). One of the most interesting places in the center of Moscow.

  5. Mr Localyukal,
    the answer is “no”: the phenomemon of perching on the back of public benches is not particular to Russia: it’s also common in my country too: Mauritius. Sad but true.

    One thing is quite remarkable from these pictures: it seems that the climate is very warm for all these people to dress so lightly. It’s almost the same as here in Mauritius, except for the colours 🙂

  6. Come on that was unkind about the girl sitting on the back of the bench getting it dirty. It is outside, it gets dirty from birds, dust whatever. Maybe she just felt that was the cleanest spot to sit. Anyway, nice pics of nice people.

  7. Judging by this post Muscovites really love living outdoors.

    This is great: a glimpse of real people living their lives – and apparently enjoying it very deeply.

  8. 2nd day without a cigarette. losing my mind. Anyone notice third pic is a different bench, and that the debris under the bench and the condition of the bench and the grass behind would suggest that some of these pictures were taken on different days.

    ER is one of my favorite sites. TNX; KUTGW.

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  10. I was surprised at the lack of Pigeons… every city in this country has a collection of local wildlife who will hit you up for a share of your lunch (ibis, pigeons, the odd parrot).

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