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    • Yes Ignatus, Yamal’s terrain appears to be very similar to Kansas. One difference is that there is no ocean in Kansas…yet.

  1. Beautiful.

    Let’s enjoy it while it’s still there. I saw a striking National Geographic documentary about this region. Oil and gas drilling companies are polluting the landscape at an alarming rate and no-one bothers, except the nomads who live over there. And no-one cares about them or what they say.


    Another example – Putin gave Royal Dutch Shell the thumbscrews when they tried to stick to the Sachalin II project, drilling for oil over there. The russian government wants a BIG piece of the pie now that the drilling is successful. 260 billion dollars are at stake.
    So they started a little cold war, one of their moves was that they wanted Shell to freeze all activities and close the site because
    a} Whales were mating in the nearby seas and would be threatened by the drilling and pollution
    b} The landscape was getting polluted and rare animals were threatened in their natural habitat. Also AIDS started getting more common in the region because of the huge amount of men being send there to work.

    Shell got a fine of 30 billion dollars plus all their activities were frozen. When they were thus forced to agree to Putin’s demands, the 55 % they had were reduced ‘voluntarily’ to 27,5% in favor of Russia’s Gazprom.

    After that no-one bothered anymore about poor animals, endangered trees and similar stuff. Hypocrisy.

    • Yamal’s wilderness and wildlife should be presserved as much as possible. All oil and mineing interests should be required to safegard the areas were they are working, or be denied access. I do take some small satisfaction in Putin’s outmanouvering of the western oil companies. They are not accustomed to such opposition. I belive that is why the Bush administration puts so much effort into undermining Russia and Venezuela.

      • The U.S. is in no position to criticize the enviromental policy of others. However if we ALL don’t start making serious efforts towards maintaining the environment now, everyone’s future will be bleak indeed.

          • When i learn about the environmental disaster in Alaska,i was shocked.the giant oil and gas exploring companies systematically destroy and change the natural balance of the region…they cut huge area of jungle,they construct vast network of roads,they colonize nomadic lands where never ever human settlements are exists since the time of human history.the best metal is iron,the best vegetable wheat,and the worst animal man………….this time is not for blame game,but for an action against the common evil of `commercialization` of mother earth.

            • Yes, all nations must be allied to the betterment of mankind. We all have contributed to the problem, all of us must find the solution. Russia and the U.S. should join together and lead a world-wide effort.

              • Another an ideological final solution.this can only happened when `one country conquer another`.every single country is not immune from bad conscious of environmental disaster.but please explain one thing,western world developed in almost 200 years.they brutally used natural resources,they perfected technology.now they are fully industrialized and enjoy modern way of living,but now you(industrialised world)create waves of fear to developing countries like china ,India,Brasil,Turky etc,to stop green house gasses and re established their industry to western standerds.is this justified?from any ethical point of view.when you wanna to do any thing you done,but when 3rd world try to developed you argue.even USA is not bound to Kueoto accord.they think if they apply this accord,they badly beaten by china and India in future.

    • Yes that is a typical tactic of the “globalism” cheerleaders. What they are realy saying is “We want everything OUR way”.

  2. those are some beautious pictures of what the master of all, mother Earth, does when the ugly man of power isnt looking

    may the wariors of mother Earth prevail!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Russian plans for Yamal (e.g. a railroad to Bovanenkovo and Kharasavey) still bear the same Soviet sounds ‘black gold’, ‘unlimited supplies’, as if nature is still just a resource which may be used freely. But the Nentsy only get some snow scooters and medical care. While it was and is their land in the first place. Not a percentage goes to them as far as I know. And Gazprom still does not care much about the 35 year old pipelines in their ‘backland’. When will they finally understand that placing pipelines also means investing at least 10% of the costs in maintenance. The lakes of Khanty-Mansia still bear the result of the leaks (some say 9% of gaz and neft goes back into the ground because of the poor state of them).

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