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  1. When its -55* C its time to :

    -drink vodka
    -bake cookies and eat when still warm
    -Listen to Gogol Bordello
    -play hide sausage with special lady friend ( Ukranians play that game with sister of course )

    -put Putin’s shirt back on and tell him to stopping kissing baby boys on the tummy until it gets warmer

    • Actually, the really cold places are those where the BAD people were sent.

      And the tribes living there are officially not considered to be russians [even though ‘russian’ is not a tribe or etnic group: the russian is the end result of a meltingpot of many tribes]

      • MaxD,

        You comments tend to be quite informative, but for some reason they always end up quite negative and pessimistic. And I really want to understand why? Is it because you are a pessimist by nature? Is it because you are going through depression, or having some domestic problems?

        Perhaps if you told us all you problem, we could understand you better, or even could help in some way. Whatโ€™s the matter, buddy? Life is so wonderful. Why canโ€™t you enjoy it while its still here? Come on, donโ€™t be shy, tell me your problem – I wonโ€™t judge. If that is too difficult for you, I know a wonderful doctor who has helped many people going through similar problems. Come on MaxD, open up. I just want to help ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Wait a minute.i wiping out my tears.you are wonderful guy.you catch up my damn problem.i am thinking from long time ago no one loves me.i am alone at the age of 67.my buddies are died.i live in cave like room outside the city.please send me some mony.i be thankful to you.

            • Look at the grammar. That’s zafarad.



              Can you please use capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and use comma’s and spaces where applicable ?

              • PS – it nice to see that we are though the first self-denial stage. How about trying to be more positive from now on? If you do well, you will be cured ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sure does, I was in Siberia 2 years ago during -46C. This was 2 days after leaving Australian summer at +42C. Talk about shock to the system…

    • It is not that uncommon in Russia. In Verkhoyansk, in north-east Siberia, _average_ January temperature is -50 C, and the lowest recorded was -70 C.

  2. Where is this? Don’t think it can get that cold in the European part. Even Murmansk has never experienced such extremes..

    • Murmansk has pretty mild climate, considering how far north it
      is located. Actually, during the winter, it is warmer than Moscow. Water in Murmansk’s port never freezes, thanks to unusually warm currents. The same is true for almost the whole Scandinavian coast (example: Tromso in Norway).

  3. I’ve heard an other joke about Russian winter:

    After WW2 the borders of the USSR had changed. But a village, what’s more, a house happened to be cut by the new border. Therefore the owner of the house was asked whether he wanted to live in Poland or in the USSR. The guy had choosen Poland. When he was asked why he had refused to live in the amazing socialism, in the amazing Soviet Union, the guy just answered: “I can’t stand those Russian winters.”

  4. Interesting, this is the lowest limit that most electronic parts could handle under the “extended” range (for higher-quality outdoor devices), so consumer electronics would already malfunction. If I’m not mistaken MIL-SPEC is rated at -65C.


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