A Home-Made Boat

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One man creates boats by his own hands. He makes them straight in his flat on the fifth floor, and then likes to go for a row upon the Dnepr river with his family. The creation of one boat takes about one month but the most difficult aspect is to get if carefully down on the ground from the roof (the boat if too big for the staircase).

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52 thoughts on “A Home-Made Boat”

    • i will give him full credit,if he build submarine in his apartment.he build just floating wooden structure.not space ship.if he spent his precious time for building sun shade for his car,i might be happy.

  1. True dedication to his craft. His boat appears to be a well built and seaworthy. I especially like his improvised dust collector on the belt sander. A true craftsman.

        • I don’t know about the prices of wood nowadays in Russia, but waterproof birch multiplex [as he is using] is quite expensive and the prices increased this year already 50 %. Russia itself is probably the biggest supplier of birch wood, but due to circumstances they are not supplying a lot.

          Circumstances are global warming [a majority of forest are growing on soft or swampy soil – and since winters are getting milder and/or shorter in Russia too, heavy machines cannot operate unless the soil is frozen, which is resulting in a shorter timeframe to ‘harvest’ the wood].
          The other circumstance being that Russian traders are abusing this excuse to supply less wood than they used to, resulting in prices going up and then selling the wood at a later time, when the trees are bigger and thus even more expensive because of that.

          Point is, in w-europe you don’t buy a lot of wood for $100. Not enough to build a boat for sure.

          But I almost forgot to say that I really admire this type of entrepreneurial activity! Carpenting is fun and you can make a nice living out of it. If more people were like this guy, Russia would look very very different !

          Indeed the homemade dustcollector [old woolen glove] on his planer is excellent.

          I also have a feeling this guy is most likely single [wifes in general are not too enthusiastic about dusty activities in the house]. And he likes cats. Good !

    • A true craftsman that will not let obsticles or situations get in his way of doing what he loves.
      Keep at it!
      If the maker of the boat reads this…….I bow to you sir.
      Keep the art alive and enjoy!
      Tom H

  2. This is the highest order of lame. My stepfather built 16 foot kayak out of wood strips he made. That is almost art, but this certainly is not.

    • without seeing how can we decide?send your pics,and find our views but.but an art is not bound to build something like these floating woods.think beyond the circle and build submerine.and finally what is an almost art?please define.

      • It is very difficult to read and understand your comments. Luckily this one was short. Can you please use capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and use comma’s and spaces where applicable ? Would be great.

  3. Building a boat inside the apartment. I’ll bet his downstairs and next-door neighbors just LOVE this guy, hammering, sawing and sanding away….

    Still, you gotta give him points for creativity… and it does look like a decent, if simple boat.

    • You know Russia, they are probably back on their pre-old war maneuvers or possibly trying to film a propaganda film about planting their flag in Canada while on a fishing trip.

    • Probably not as much as one would sell for in Cuba, but if there was a remote chance this thing could make it to America then it could command a few rubles.

    • This `hearty thing`is for an Art for Artist who made it.but true definition of an Art is,what we sell in `sotheby’s and Christies`.i think this structure is very hard to sell in Art auctions.he should try to make something new like home made spacecraft.

    • The wood appears to be marine grade birch ply. The structure around the transom is designed to act as a partial I-beam supporting the motor and related stress. Quite elegant.

  4. The boat builders work does not, in my opinion, quite make it into the artistic category but he clearly is in the “craftsman” league. The man is a very skilled crafts person and his work shows it. He is very good at what he does, shows great skill, and I admire his work. To be classed as art though his creations would have to go beyond the rather basic design and make a personal statement of some sort. For instance, he might give the vessel exaggerated lines or morph the boat into an animal shape (he likes cats…), the possibilities are endless but the fact is that unless he takes the boat beyond basic it does not become an object of art but remains a very good example of good craftsmanship.

    • Agreed. He is a craftsman who build a functional boat.

      Only the choice of color is a bit weird – a blue boat on ‘blue’ water is less likely to attract attention to itself. Also it appears to have no lights, so boating in twilight or at night is not smart. Red or orange color would have been better. Or yellow.

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