Russian Wooden Phone

russian wooden phone 1

One Russian man builds new cases for mobile phones from apple tree wood. He fully disassembles the new devices and carve a piece-of-art wooden cases for them, each small part gets its own wooden case – the antenna, the sim-card, the battery.

russian wooden phone 2

A disassembled phone…

russian wooden phone 2

russian wooden phone 3

russian wooden phone 4

A battery is hidden inside a wooden bar.

russian wooden phone 5

A sim-card comes in the smaller bar..

russian wooden phone 6

And antenna is also… wooden. And the author believes that sooner or later gadget manufacturers wood turn to wood too.


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  1. Where can I buy one? I can see a niche market for these for People who want to make a statement about technology even though they must use it on a daily basis.

    • capatalist peeg, lol yea an envirnmental statement eh, sir u have no effin sense, everyone would want one and the number of trees lost would be staggering, please think before you type

      • Have you considered _planting_ trees? Unlike crude oil, trees are re-plantable (even if not replaceable). It’s easy to say we are bad and do nothing, using a (possibly) worse alternative called plastic…
        If people took only what they need and made amends like plant something in return for what they cut or save an animal they don’t intend to eat, it would be very good.

  2. mr,woody wood,you carved your nice name on mobile,i like it`ass`.this brand will so successful in `U ASS of A`…..!!!!!!!!!.

  3. “manufacturers wood turn to wood too” LOL.

    Not very clever to cover the antenna with wood. But i guess its all about fashion…

  4. I was just trying to figure out who made the original phone. It looks awfully thick and it is a one piece. It kind of resembles a Nokia from way back in 1999.

      • Most older cellular phones actually had a greater power output, but the “weak signal strength” you are referring to is probably due to the fact that the signals were analog, and cellular towers were not widespread.

        • Back then, we had plenty of coverage in Dallas, Texas. We had better, all of the major manufacturers have their big corporate campuses here and that includes Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Ericson and several others.

  5. It’s not an iPhone, it’s a “я-phone.”

    maybe he can make a matrushka phone next, a phone within a phone within a phone.

    (I bet this gets “boing-boinged” very shortly.)

  6. This is beautiful! I am obsessed with telephones, and I made a wooden case for an old-fashioned landline phone, but this is beyond my skill.

  7. So he will get more money and attention by putting circuit boards inside cut wood than a person who actually reverse-engineers the whole phone. This is kind of like a successful business getting lots of profit by selling a multicolored cover for laptops because it looks cool.

  8. Great idea !!
    I’m sure it could be easily commercialized here in Japan (if you want to).
    People really like these kind of arts. So don’t wait they copy it.

    Don’t forget that while “the rest of the world” like to buy modern style bathroom, “the must” for us still whole (Japanese) cypress bath as it’s paulonia wood for the chests. Super sofisticate electronic toilet but better to sleep on a tatami-room wich seemed to be so contradictory between new technology and nature but is in our gene. Think about it…

    • Bardanof-san,

      Very true, but the wooden phone would then become synonymous with Hokkaido (or, more specifically, the Ainu) and become mass-produced. While that in itself is fine, because it would lower costs, lead to more jobs carving phones (and making machines that carve the phones, etc.) and bring more wooden phones to people who want them (assuming there are many), it might put this innovative Russian woodcarver out of business. And that would be a shame.

      Unless he can license or copyright the wooden phone, and then he’d be set for life.

      Until the Chinese fakes appeared, made of “wood,” prison-camp sawdust glued with some lead-laden carcinogenic adhesive that’s highly inflammable.

  9. Don’t make fun of America in front of Texas1. That’s a very sensitive subject for him 🙁 And whatever you do, DO NOT MAKE FUN OF BUSH! He will have nervous breakdown.

  10. Zafarad and Mektoub,

    If you are indeed Misleadmen, especially Saudis, “Zoob fee kooss amook” (pronounced with the short “oo” of “book”). Make it a “kafr” one, at that.

    This Russian’s idea is novel. I will not buy one of his phones, but I wish him every success in selling them to people who want them, whatever the reason.

    I suspect many jihadis, including Zafarad and Mektoub, will like them: wood is probably something they can really relate to. It’s what they use to heat their homes, cook, and control their women and non-Muslim neighbors (those left with heads attached). Perhaps that is why the wooden stock AK-47 is apparently so much more popular with jihadis than other similar weapons using metal and plastic only.

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  16. Simple. There is a lot of wood in Russia and it is easy to work with, so anybody can make whatever they want out of it. Even the thing you mentioned 😉

  17. i believe it was a bit rushed, and ignored some options that not many people speak about. Everyone is aware of that almost all new smartphones have internet, so why present that basic function at its bear minimum. Scroll up scroll down zoom in zoom out. Really? which new cellphone doesnt try this? How bout discuss how the text rearranges itsself. Additionally the texting, very poor review. Why didnt you mention you can use the mic and text with your voice? Not noted ALOT of different more essential options


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