Nu Pogodi! The Most Favorite Russian Cartoon Ever

Nu Pogodi! The Most Favorite Russian Cartoon Ever

Nu, pogodi! (You Just Wait!) is a series of Russian animated shorts directed by Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin, produced at the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow, between 1969 and 1986.

The plot is similar to the world-famous cartoons, Tom & Jerry or The Road Runner: the Wolf (Volk), a hooligan and a smoker, tries to catch the Hare (Zayats), a very positive and kind hero, with the intention of eating him.

Every episode shows various aspects of life. For example, there are episodes in a museum, in a city, at the fairground at night, etc. As for music, only modern musical hits of that time were used.

This series has become the favorite Soviet cartoon among several generations of Russians families even up until today.

Any additional information can be found here, and the whole series is below.

Part 1.
City and beach (1969)

Part 2.
Fairground at Night (1970)

Part 3.
Road (1971)

Part 4.
Stadium (1971)

Part 5.
City (1972)

Part 6.
Countryside (1973)

Part 7.
Sea voyage (1973)

Part 8.
New Year celebration (1974)

Part 9.
Television studio (1976)

Part 10.
On construction site (1976)

Part 11.
Circus (1977)

Part 12.
Museum (1978)

Part 13.
Olympic games (1980)

Part 14.
Children’s extra-scholar activities center (1984)

Part 15.
The house of Culture (1985)

Part 16.
In the world of Russian folk tales (1986)

32 thoughts on “Nu Pogodi! The Most Favorite Russian Cartoon Ever”

  1. Do you really think the wolf’s gonna _eat_ the hare? I mean,

    a) look at those eyelashes. That’s a lady hare 🙂 if somewhat underage (?)
    b) along the series the wolf could have had plenty of opportunity to kill her… but somehow never did

    I loved this when I was a kid (in Hungary), and recently watched the DVD edition and enjoyed the obvious “educational/socialist” tones very much 🙂 (and realized the secret message above)


  2. I love this cartoon. I’ve got all these episodes on my iPod, whenever I need to cheer up I watch them. The music is great.

    anyone can tell me what the Wolf says after he leaves the rocket simulator in Part 14 (Children’s extra-scholar activities center) ? [I’m not russian ;)]

    • Thank you, I think that’s exactly what he says 🙂

      I also like Roadrunner very much, but Wile E. Coyote is much more innocent than the Wolf. The Wolf is a 100% villain, and that’s the coolest about this cartoon.

      Personally I think that the Hare is gay. I mean what straight guy takes care of the flowers on his balcony? 🙂

    • Privet lunaticam.

      Privet is a common greeting.
      Luna is the russian word for moon.
      Lunatic is somebody who lives on the moon in this case.
      The “am” at the end of the word is grammar stuff that I am unable to explain at the moment.

      So he greats the moon people when he leaves the rocket. My russian is also not too good anymore.. but I think that is about right.

  3. Wow,I can see the cartoon again finally.
    That’s a total classic.
    When I was a kid in China I read this comic books day by day.What a sweet memory!

  4. yeah, i remeber it, i was watching it when i was a child (i’m from Poland, and till 1989 we had more soviet, than american cartoons on tv)

  5. Aren’t there more episodes? I believe the latest episode was from the late 90s, and they’re planning to make another one soon.

  6. Yea i saw this back in Moscow on TV, i can only remember a little of it, im 24 now but then i was about 4-7 something about there, but these were all i remember watching in Moscow when i was young…freaking scary now that i look at it…i think there are alot of diff messages in these and their kinda educational..but really freaky at the same time. The wolf is pretty damn scary

  7. i grew up with theese cartoons. i’ve watched them when was little, during the comunist period of our country (til december 1989) and even after but not too long 🙂 then came cable and cartoon network

    anyway those were good cartoons for that time

    PS: i’m from romania

  8. Oh…unbelievable!!!
    I Grew up with these Nu Pogodi’s cartoons in Sri Lanka. I’m 35 y/o now but I’ve watched them when i was about 8-12 y/o. Now we use to brows the net to watch these all episodes. My son loves these cartoons, as i was a little n i still love watching it. The wolf is pretty damn scary.

    # I’m from Australia

  9. Tom and Jerry is much better I’m sure. It appears to me that the wolf is always trying to get the hare so he can eat him or her & he always loses & those 3 things are enough to make Tom and Jerry a lot better; Tom and Jerry’s not that plain & simple & therefore it’s not as predictable.

  10. Why do people compare this to Tom and Jerry more than they do to Road Runner or Tweety & Sylvester? It appears to me to be more like RR or T&S than it is like T&J, since like I said before it’s so plain & simple.

  11. Oops! I made a mistake in my 1st comment. I said 3 things but I meant 2. By the way I really don’t see why you all think this is better than Tom and Jerry. Do the wolf & hare ever team up w/ each other like T&J, for one thing? I don’t believe they do! I especially don’t like this as much as the version of T&J where they’re friends. It’s nowhere near as fascinating. I don’t even like this as much as Woody Woodpecker or the Pink Panther.


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