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      • Looks like the pics are HD, not so much creepy (except for that one with the doll and the amusement park). How did they take pics there, isn’t it still radioactive? And if not, doesn’t that mean that people can go back and live there?

        Sorta looks like City 17 from Half Life 2.

        • Preface: I’m not a nuclear physicist, nor a biologist.

          Radiation danger is determined by both the intensity of exposure and the length of exposure. These are not necessarily simple factors – ie. at low intensities there may be NO harm; at short times there can be fatal doses.

          My best guess is that the radiation there is dangerous for people to live there long-term, but not for photographers to visit on a short-term basis.

          • I’m not a biologist or a nuclear physicist, but I’ve read some things on the accident and it may take millions of years for some of the radio active elements they used to be rendered harmless. Just one of the half lives of one of the elements they used was about 240 years. People can still go there but like DemonWasp said the radiation may not affect them in a short term period.

            Greetings from Puerto Rico

        • It is still very radioactive there. Nobody can live there still. You CAN visit there and take pictures but there are many rules on WHERE you can go and for how long you are allowed to be in the “hot” areas. From what I remember reading from a log from someone who went there you wear some sort of badge on you that monitors radiation levels and if it goes up then you get out. Also you get assigned someone who goes around with you.

          Also I think that there is plans to build a new sarcophagus around the reactor and the existing one. They are already working on it but it will take forever since workers can only work about 2 to 3 hours per day (if that). They get paid a log of money and know that inevitably means death for them but it is for the greater good.

          There is plenty to read on this… I am ashamed that growing up they never taught us ANYTHING about this. I actually never knew it even happened until about a year and a half ago. Very sad.

          • Actually people still leave there. Some dwellers (mostly old people) from rural areas near Chernobyl refused to evacuate and leave their houses.

            A couple years ago I’ve seen a program about these people. They’re quite old, but they still live there (and no, they didn’t sprout tails or horns, and look quite healthy, considering their age). The saddest thing that they are now invisible for the state, oficially they don’t exist. It’s a closed area, so some of them didn’t even know that USSR collapsed.

          • I agree. I had never heard anything about this until I started in X-Ray school. It makes you wonder how much worse it is than we actually know. Watch the documentary, Chernobly Heart. It is one of the most heart wrenching things I have ever seen.

          • Corection…..not 2-3 hours….but 2-3 minutes….and they get pay for that 2 minutes with 1000$ per month, some people stay longer than 2 minutes for extra money but not longer than 3-3 and a half minutes…..

            P.S. I was there last year and is NOT a pretty site…

            • I wanted to correct your “2-3 minute” idea that workers could only work for 2 – 3 minutes at a time. If that were true (which it isn’t) they would get out of the vehicle and walk 20 feet to the site, turn around and have to leave.

              Workers can work UP TO 12 hours as long as they are not in a “hot” zone. If the radition is under a certain reading and right now I can’t remember what it is, they can work in their bio suits for up to 12 hours.

              Recently, matter of fact, the show Destination Truth did a segment there about the ghosts that appearently haunt Chernobyl. They were exposed to radiation for 12 hours in Bio suits with a meter that like the person said registers the radiation levels. You can only be “safely” exposed to radition for a short amount of time. Basically, what their government considers a healthy dose. Your body can handle SOME radition but not extreme or excessive amounts. If they think you have stayed too long they will quarentine you.

              You can visit the town but only if all 3 checkpoints into the fallout area allow you to pass.

              I worked with some girls from over there and a few of them were kids when the tragedy happened.

          • To Hallsey and longrun:
            People do still live there. They have to have signs on their door that say “Owner of house still lives here.” Now whether these people live outside of these “hot areas” as you nicely put it, I don’t know. We learned about it in my chem class at college. It’s not even just Russia that was effected though; people in Poland had to take Potassium-Iodide pills that put non-radioactive iodine into your thyroid so that little radioactive iodine can be absorbed. Actually, in the US, if you live within like 10miles of a nuclear plant, the government will usually supply you with these pills for free. If you know anyone around Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, I guarantee you that they’re taking them.

        • You can tour with government permission otherwise you can drive in the general area but military checkpoints keep you from areas of access. The English STOP sign is accepted as the international STOP sign and therefore common in many countries of the former Soviet Union. Russian Cyrillic uses the same word, “sto-pp” (стоп). I’ll put the Cyrillic in the () but not sure if this site will support it or if it will come out looking weird like the comments near this post.

  1. Well done on the photographs. I think you really capture the feel of the place with the doll picture. It now looks like something from a horror film. Weren’t all those vehicles and airframes used till they stopped working because of the radiation? I am surprised that you were able to get so close to photograph such a place. I think you captures the feel very well!

    • ppl still work there. 5 minutes a day maximum. that’s talking about very close proximity to the sarcophagus. i want to know what is there to do though, since the reactor is sealed inside the sarcophagus.

      • They are building a larger containment unit that will outlast the rather hastily constructed brick one. Wikipedia might be your friend here. 🙂

          • I am not sure whether they still run the other reactors, but they have run a few of them until recent years due to money problems..

            If I recall correct, the chernobil _plant_ has 4 reactors and only one reactor exploded. Due to the collapse of the soviet union and economy problems caused by the fall, ukrainians had to keep some reactors running.

    • They didn’t stop working from radiation, they had to abandon them because they had dangerous levels of radiation inside since they all were actively used after the explosion.

  2. These photos seem to have been manipulated. There is too much gray in them. Nice photos anyway. The following site is a great resource:


  3. time is still stopped here.i title chernobil, the biggist time capsule of our time.but one thing i can`t under stand,that why other plants of nuclear complex worked after several years of disaster?EVEN ADMINISTRATION CLEARED NEAR BY TOWNS AND SURROUNDINGS BUT SISTER PLANTS ARE WORKED ON FULL CAPICITY AFTER SEVERAL YERS.i personally salute all who died ,in rescue and covering up operation(of MAIN REACTOR HALL).all of western Europe should proud on their sacrifices.

  4. A few years ago there was a website by a woman who took motorcycle tours and photographed interesting places. She had one tour of Chernobyl that was fascinating. She got really close to everything. Evidently as long as you limit your exposure, you’re fine, of course you don’t want to live there for a few days but a day trip is safe enough.

          • You are correct, she took a tour with a tourguide and placed some objects to get the picture to look good. Then she took similar looking pictures of her riding a bike and made it look like she just rode through there.

            • Well, I don’t know all about that. At least she didn’t take pics and obviously Photoshop them to make them look creepy. Chernobyl/Pyrapit is pretty creepy but you can tell these pics were enhanced.

    • wow, that was the first post I looked at on englishrussia…. ( ==> http://englishrussia.com/?p=293 )

      can anyone confirm or deny the stories of that kiddofspeed lady?

      I’m also grateful for any hires pics of Prypjat and Chernobyl…

    • safe enough!!!!!!THIS DAY MIGHT BE MOST REMEMBRING DAY OF HIS,HER LIFE.because of extreme exposure to radiation.any sensible guy can`t talk like that.even workers and scientists are no safe in their special safety suits.if you really wanna, unguided tour.Chernobil welcomes you.

  5. I used to drive trucks to here before I caused this to happen. I luckly escaped, but know I have an extra ear on my back. I only survived because I was so drunk on vodka I could not be contaminated.

    • contamination from what?if you pointing towards radioactivity,you sucked.if your DNA matched with cockroache,you can survive safely…..i think you are jocking ,please don`t do tragic jocks.think about thousands painful deaths.

      • Please no jocking around me. I will take joking but no jocking, this isnt a mens locker room. Although Pros might want it to be.

      • i think he is was pointing towards radioactivity, and he did sucked. His DNAs matched with cockroache.…His jocks will suffer thousands painful deaths.

        I he be your boyfriend.

  6. fascinating place. i would love to go there some day. just the fact that the liquidators left all their trucks and helicopters there because of the radiation is just unbelivable

  7. just wanted to know about the second picture… are you sure thats from Chernobyl? Why would they have an English/American stop sign in Chernobyl…?

    Just wondering… otherwise, great pics!


  8. This is by far one of the worst man made disasters in history. Twenty years later and it is still dead. Horrible indeed.

  9. How would one go about going on one of the tours of Chernobyl? I have been wanting to do this for ages and apparently you can take a tour of certain areas? How much does it cost, where would I have to go to find one and would I need to learn Russian?

    • I wanted to travel to Kiev to see this plant since I am in the nuclear industry. I was told by another traveller that it costs 100 euros for a visit and requires some paperwork.

      I didnt manage to make it to Kiev to confirm.

      To the person who commented about the stop sign. In Quebec the french part of Canada stop signs read ARRET and not stop (the odd time both)

      I also beleive in Iraq stop is written in arabic as well as english

  10. I had an orgasm when I saw these pics. I love to see how Russia is crumbling. America is the greatest country in the world. We are #1. First Russia and then Iraq!

  11. Thanks for sharing these photos. We’ve got a bunch posted on http://www.chernobylvermont.com/ to educate the fine folks in Vermont about the dangers of their aging and dangerous nuclear plant.

    Take care,

  12. this is great for my HAUNTED SCHOOL story, because my tteacher told us to write a stroy with that topic. IM GETTING 100 PIONTS! im 10, so, yea, THANKS! i hope people agree!

  13. I’ll bet it would take Bush longer to get New Orleans fixed up than for Ukraine to get Chernobyl back to normal. Fortunately he won’t be sticking around long enough for us to find out.

  14. Yea, it looks like it’s all dead! A portrait of what the whole world would have looked like if we had blown the whole planet away!

  15. Thanks for the photos. This place looks completely dead. Are there still people really living there? A poster above said some people were still living there.

  16. Dame,i’m a photographer and i would give everything to take some goddame fine pics in Pripyat,i even played the game,Stalker,but i feel it’s not enough,i’m from Romania so it’s not so far,i wanna visit Chernobyl so hard!

  17. The last photo looks very dark… Is the “sarcophagus” of reinforced concrete?
    Your photos look creepy but they can teach people about the horrible things that human beings can do for the “progress”

    Greetings from Perú

  18. wow so this is what it looks like to be on the other side of Russia,chernobyl .very sad.the pictures are very dark ,now i want go ,but at least not by myself

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