41 thoughts on “Lenin Screams”

  1. That does look very scary. But not as scary as Mousaleum 🙁 I’ve been to Mausoleum this year, and trust me I have never been so scared in my life. When I was going down the stears, I really felt like I was submerging to the gates of hell. Never again!

    • Really? You was scared& Ha-ha! I’ve been in Mausoleum, and it is just fascinating attraction! I feel great after visiting Lenin!

      • PROS….are you the same as before?what a nice logical points you raised.yes despite the many of LENIN`s closed comrade`s(LIKE BERIA,STALIN,LUNCHINKO ETC) cruel behaviour to the enemies of cccp,he shows always honorable attitude.if you read carefully history of russia,few great peoples we found, who devoted their lives to the betterment of the working class,we see above the top of the list,the name of V.I.LENIN.specially his last days of his life ,he did not saw,day and night for the establishment of world first,true woking class state.unfortunatly he died just after the `7` years,if he survived,the map of the world might be changed.i respect his devotion to work for the peoples of cccp.

        • Yes, if Lenin had prevailed, even greater things could have been acheived without the fear. The fascists would not have dared to attack a prepared and vigilant Soviet Union. Yes the world would be different today if only Lenin had prevailed.

        • from the graves millions of voices cry : you well speak, than you’re remained alive!
          (of course , the millions of voices are these of the victims of communism… )

          • Very simple statment.without any background,Lenin never ever crush the peoples of the cccp.but he declared charter of independence for the central asian republics.Lenin was soft spoken statesman.he always trying to do something better.COMMUNISM is the ideology,not personality…despite the Stalin`s authoritarian rules,he laying down the solid foundation for the future of CCCP.Americans too responsible for genocide of local millions of red indians.our shopkeepers,British left their marks on every where in the glob.they systematically killed and slaved millions.Adolf hitler some says,killd thousands of pows.NEWCONS,killed atleast one million iraqi civillions,recently.what a rescue from dictator! ! ! ! ! !.`innocent Israeli soldiers`killed and torture palestinians everyday. extremist Serbs are proud to wipe out millions of un armed Bosnians,Croats and moderate Serbs.recently in Rwanda some angles from the hell did crime against humanity.I HAVE VERY LONG LIST OF CLEAN AND SHINY HISTORY OF FREE SOCIETY………NEXT,CONT…….

  2. I agree with Adam. I’ll be Lenin would have chuckled at this himself. It’s not like this was vandalism or graffiti, it was just someone playing a little prank.

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