48 thoughts on “Russian Wooden Church, Abandoned Now”

  1. Those anti-Christian heathens probably never used it. Of all people, the Russians could definitely use some religion.

  2. Actually it was during the USSR days beginning with Stalin that religion was banned. The Russian Orthodox church is famous throughout history..for nice long beards.

        • Good to hear from you also and I hope all is well. Sarah has not been around for some time although texas1 made a brief appearance (he even asked about you). There has been some new people, some with great comments, and Pros has stirred up some dust. But other than the usual insults and name calling, everthing is normal here at englishrussia.

    • yes i have some details,church located at remote russian village.supposed that, local peoples are coming here for Sunday sevice.churuch`s building material mostly wood.once up on a time NKVD established peoples court to hang corrupt officials.stalin deliberately save this structure for showing his religious freedom.under the calculated estimate this church may be self destroy near future,if repairing work not done.

        • this good looking church actually re build,over the ashes of old small church.some local stories saying the real builder of church is local war lord ,he build this church with the financial assistance of tsar ivan the horrible.

  3. if the soviets are responsible of poor condition of this wooden church,instead of remaining structure,here we found stable of ponies!!!!!!.soviets are quit reasonable gus.unlike the chinese communists they preserve their culture.in china they destroy every thing belongs to old history.but our soviet,leninist,stalinists are so keen to preserve old symbols of nexus between kings and religion!!!!!!.two or three hundred years old wooden structure how long survive from harsh weather condition?if the peoples of concerned locality are interested to refurbishing this chruch,who can stop them!!!!!demanding everything to do something from the central committee of cpsu,is not right way…………………

    • Are you in the same russia as me ? Even today hardly anybody cares about the glorious past. Moscow mayor Luzjkov is a good example. He even wanted to demolish the Bolshoi theatre and rebuild it from concrete – it would be better and cheaper, he stated.
      Stalin had this famous church demolished next to the Kremlin and a swimmingpool was build instead. The church is back now, reconstructed.

      In St. petersburg they are more concerned, but still nasty things are happening to the historic buildings from time to time.

  4. “Actually it was during the USSR days beginning with Stalin that religion was banned.”

    Religion was banned beginning with Lenin, churches were demolished and the religious were executed, under Stalin there wasn’t zealous atheism and persecutions relaxed slightly, then WWII came up and many started needing God, Stalin didn’t prohibit turning to him, he was a god with his personality cult anyway. When Kroushchyev came up he revisited Lenin’s aggressive anti-religious policies

    • “many started needing god”

      That’s untrue, delusional fantasies about mythical dieties may confort the simple, but they certainly arn’t ‘needed’.

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  7. People seem to be forgetting that this is the biggest country in the world. It´s easy to understand they´ve got no money to restore those buildings nowadays. I mean, may be..just may be..they have other priorities. I think it´s very sad, but insulting the Russians is ridiculous. I bet there´s plenty of abandoned buildings in every single country in the world…

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