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  1. You know, a couple garbage cans around Russia would go along way. Then that girl wouldn’t have to lie surrounded by garbage to get her tan.

        • I believe what he meant was that even if garbage cans were placed, it would not have much effect on the overall cleanliness. Why? Because before long those cans would be full and require emptying. Anyone who knows anything about Russia knows that pretty much everything is done on a schedule.

          If the cans were scheduled to be emptied on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, that is when they would be emptied even if they were filled to overflowing before then.

          On top of that, you have to consider that the garbage cans themselves might well get stolen for someone to use at thier dacha.

          In short, what he meant was that Russians have no respect for anything that isn’t thier own personal property.

          At least that’s how I see it.

  2. Those 2 with the garbage are from the Ukraine probably. I have never seen trash like that in any Russian city. I have in Kiev though. I could be wrong.

    • hey ,AI what you said?you never saw as these garbage in any russian city.how liar you are.dude if you visit any apartment block in just Moscow,you will find your dream stuff every where.i am pro russian but not liar.might be Ukraine russia`s arch rival today but don`t disgrace them.

    • They were taken in Russia. Trust me. You can take pictures like that everywhere around the city. Oh, and next time you go by train [lets say from Moscow to St. Petersburg] look out of the windows. Nice forests, meadows, and lots of TRASH, dumped in big heaps along the railroad. Russian are not caring about their environment, that much is clear.

  3. i deeply feel sorrow for poor chick,in pic,no13.already 13 is bad number and she find her best place to rest in garbage!!!!!!!.i think she is toxicated.despite trash surrounded him every where,she look nice…..

    • This picture DOES NOT come from Russia nor any former soviet state. There are four polish students on this photo. Among them you can see one who is actually very skilled and talented young computer scientists (Tomek Czajka). As you know these people does have very specific sense of humor 😉

      • “Super Party” is what it would look like if Pros, Texas1, Sarah, and Bullwinkle got together.

        I hate laughing at appearances… but come on… these guys look like computer club at my high school. And I bet all but one aren’t even that smart. Most geeks/nerds/whatever you want to call them are just social outkasts with too much time on their hands.

        “I got a rough life, but I’ve seen people with rougher.”

  4. has Russia some kind of religious police?fat guy look like guardian of holy cross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!see pic,3.westren democracies are based on secularism but in former cccp????

  5. that bus is an airport bus that transports the people from the airport gate to the plane. they got hydrolic suspension, thats for getting on the bus (low step)

  6. About “No comments” foto.
    I know this place.
    Moscow. Olympic village 80. Near to shop “Lux”. It is so much dust there never saw.

  7. I’ve figured out what the wierd doors seemingly leading to nowhere are for! They are emergency snow doors in case the snow gets so deep you can’t use the normal lower level doors.

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