Military Soviet Stamping

weird soviet stamping

We’ve already told about the strange Soviet stamp issued for the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Army at 1968.

And this is the stamping of approximately the the Civil War time. Looking on it, it is also hard to say, what the authors tried to tell common people about the Soviet army and the Revolution.

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17 thoughts on “Military Soviet Stamping”

  1. Man eating horse! Run away!


  2. did anyone else have an anti-spam word of “vodka” to post … is that intentional b/c this is englishrussia or is that just purely coincidental?

    i’m being dead serious too.

  3. “The Soviet Army: our horses will stand on your nuts, then bite them off.”

    That is one evil-looking horse. Also, its head is facing sideways, but its nose is facing forward. This is the quality of artist we were left with after all the good ones were transported to Siberia.

  4. Honestly, I think that it’s supposed to be a loyal horse caring for its fallen rider. I have seen horses do this, some get very apologetic when they throw someone. Others, on the other hand, will trample and eat you, which is indeed what this horse seems to be up to.

  5. I know its supposed to be a horse trying to help out its master, but it just kinda looks like equestrian felatio to me.

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