17 thoughts on “Kiev Subway Ads”

    • That’s notthe point of its complexity. It’s ridiculously simple. Its not about CAN you do it. It’s just interesting to note that they DID do it.

  1. Very cool… I’ve seen some of these types of signs in Washington, DC also.

    My fear is that I’m reminded of the movie “Minority Report” – there’s a scene where the main character is running through a mall, and all the advertisments (which are posted absolutely everywhere) start yelling out to him…

    I’m afraid we’re getting close to that time in real life… : (

  2. There was also in Bucharest a similar type of advertisment in the subway. I haven’t seen one though for several months so i guess it isn’t very efficient. I know the fact that the subway train must mantain a certain speed for the eye to see the ad fluently


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