Russian UFO Tank

Russian UFO tank 1

Some say that after a Roswell crash US government has obtained some UFO technologies and concealed it. Seems there was another Roswell like crash in Russia and they obtained UFO parts to but not concealed them but mounted on some tanks, like on this one called “Object 288” and it was produced only once exclusively, without going into series…

Russian UFO tank 2

Russian UFO tank 3

Russian UFO tank 4

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  1. You selected an interesting subject but why UFO parts? Couldn’t you say something like the comment above, “…a tank for driving school…”?

  2. Zafarad’s suggestion that this vehicle was probably meant to be used in a chemical/biological/nuclear environment is probably closest to the truth, but my guess is that this was simply a C3I (Command, Control, Communications, and Intellegence) vehicle. There are plenty of examples of countries who pull the turret off of a tank and replace it with communications equipment and more portholes for battlefield observation.

      • You’re correct… I’m only guessing. My guess for the German vehicle: I was thinking it might be something used by Engineers, perhaps to tow damaged tanks/heavy vehicles that have broken down, or haul a large artillery cannon? Except if it were an Engineer Support Vehicle, I would think you’d be able to see a big crane attachment, or towing cables, or a bulldozer on the front. Might just be another simple command vehicle. The passenger compartment of the Soviet vehicle looks like it has significant armor and/or protection from any hostile outside environment – so I still think it might be a C3I vehicle or used in chem/bio environments. The German vehicle’s driver’s compartment looks like a simple enclosure that will keep you dry in a rainstorm.

        I don’t think either one is used to train tank drivers (tankisti?) – I would want my guys to practice in the actual vehicles! (But then again, I’ve never driven in a tank, so what do I know?)

        Any military vehicle experts out there?

  3. Actually it looks like a prototype for a French tank. You can observe the battlefield from any angle and deploy a large white flag at the first sign of conflict.

  4. Object 288 is an experimental version of rocket tank 287 and was build in 1963 for testing of gas turbine engines (GTD). (Russian)

  5. the tank from the german website mentioned above is a driving school tank, like “me” says. The website itself is the official website of the company producing it. not much ufo-tech or photoshopping involved.

    • Yes, “me” is correct. The vehicle in the link is a training vehicle for the Ulan tank. The Museum of Armored Equipment in Kubinka has the subject Object 288 vehicle. The museum lists it as a Kotin T-64 observation tank with twin Isotov GTD-360 engines.

  6. I was searching MSN and came across this site twice this week. I think its Gods way of telling me what to add to my RSS reader. 🙂

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