33 thoughts on “Moscow Underground Tunnels (HDR)”

  1. Never explore any tunnel without your trusty flying Weinermobile!™


    • I posted some pictures from an underground bunker in Moscow. They are not as amazing as the ones above, but interesting regardless.

      • Unfortunatly, even though the photos are real, the croc isnt! Crocidiles are reptiles, reptiles do not produce there own body heat, and rely on the suns rays fo warmth. Not much sun getting down in the sewers is there?
        Sorry to correct you, but I just wanted to say that.

  2. I realey like this photo, or waw to the crocodile it is nice one but i dosen’t to visit my bathrooms but nice when then eath all the fatten rats.

  3. wow!!!!!!!crocodiles in under ground drainage system.how good looking pics.in pic no,5 one dude something hang to eating for crocodile.is this creature pet?in top pic girl freely swimm in sewear and don`t feel any fear from croc!!!!how brave she is!!!!!!!!.i suggest MS PORNS,SHE MUST TAKE THE SWIMMING PRACTICE WITH CROC,at the end of swimming one left,i am 100% sure that he is not MS PORNS!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • Im sorry to say this, because your enthusiasm is awesome, but while the photos are real, the croc isnt. Crocidiles and alligators are reptiles, and reptiles cannot produce there own body heat. Reptiles rely on the sun UV rays to warm there bodys. If reptiles get cold they get lazy and sluggish, and then they die. Im sorry to say that even if there were crocs in the sewer system, they wouldnt survive more than a month, and they wouldnt be as big as teh one in the picture. Obviously photoshopped into the pictures. Sorry!

  4. Ahh my home ground, I was born and raised in this sewer system, back in the good old days before I Delivered Toxic waste to playgrounds, as I do now

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  9. This guy should be working on video games. Amazing virtual roaming in tunnels looking like that in HD. Stange creatures hiding in every tunnel… Awesome!

  10. 3rd from the bottom is a coke machine from fallout 3. Lol, I had to think about it for a couple of seconds and that looks like the entrance, but it’s very colorful.

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