New Dance Moves for the Upcoming Weekend

russian music

Today is Friday, some probably would go for some party. Before they go they can learn some new dance moves from…

This rocking Russian soldier or…

from a grooving Russian old lady or….

…this just a guy from Moscow Aircraft Institute or…

…or maybe those Russian sailors will give a clue of some new dance moves?

Have some good weekends!

21 thoughts on “New Dance Moves for the Upcoming Weekend”

  1. “Have some good weekends!”

    I love the grammar on this site, it’s like Borat all over again.

    I like sex! It’s nice!

  2. I agree with Petya. Pros can get a little carried away sometimes, but he is also quite decent. Those who use the names of others do not have the imagination (or guts) to comment under their own name.

    • Yeah, it’s a cheap trick.

      If I’ll ever use another name, it won’t be impersonated. And I’ll definitely indicate that it’s still old Pros.

    • This is not a contrabass balalaika. This is a standard one.

      The bass one is so big you need to transport it on its own set of wheels.

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