Another Russian Snowmobile

unknown off road vehicle 1

As u might understood snowmobiles have to be popular in distant Russian areas which are covered with snow 8 months a year. We’ve already told about one of them in our news. The snowmobile Sever-2 (North 2) was created from the legendary Soviet automobile Pobeda (Victory) in 1959. It was able to move on snow or ice perfectly.

This one, submitted by our reader Sergei, has the common features with Sever-2. Unfortunately we don’t have any information about this vehicle. But it looks UAZ alike. And as it can be seen, it is able to move on the wheels or skis as well.

One more picture below.

unknown off road vehicle 2

22 thoughts on “Another Russian Snowmobile”

  1. every thing looks ok,but at the end or front!!!what is that?a turbo prop pusher or pulling fan!!!it might be last source of getting out form the heavy snow.other thing i thought that this fan is for the comfort of unfortunate passangers.this machine look like the honymoon vehicle.

  2. I found another picture of the EXACT SAME vehicle

    Note the same V shaped scratch/dent on the left side of the front in both pictures…

      • I would like to restore this rocket of UAZ, and then take it to where the snow rules the world, pop in some ZZ Top tape… and DRIVE! To the oblivion!

        Hey, do you want to hear the story of one German soldier who fought in WWII, then moved to New Jersey, USA, had a successful business repairing German cars? OK, here it goes. The guy got cancer on day. He fought it for as long as he could. Then one day, he decided that the battle is over. He was still capable of taking care of himself. He said to his son, “I want to fly my plane one last time”. He owned a small plane that he was very fond of. So, he got into the cockpit, and took off…into the Atlantic Ocean. His sun was watching him for as long as he could. Suddenly, the plain did the “left-right up-and-down” kind of wave… That was the final “Goodbye”…

  3. the grey thing at the rear is a radial engine inside a duct, with a cooling fan at the rear. in the lower picture you can see the hub for a 3-blade variable pitch propellor, blades are not mounted.

    • It seem to be so nice. I like the colors and the great effects. You have a nice collection together here. Some look more recent than classic, although I could see the 70’s look in some images.


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