44 thoughts on “Need for Speed Goes Public”

  1. That’s not a real race car, just a car with bunch of decals. Decals don’t add speed 😉 But it does have a turbo installed, you can see it poking through from the broken bumper.

    • Thats not a stock 240sx with a intercooler.One is that its left hand drive so its a 240sx.The 240sx doesnt’s come out with a turbo engine.So some work has gone into putting a turbo engine in or turboing the KA engine.Second is the wheel stud patten and brakes.It looks like its got the 4 pot nissan brakes and 5 stud lug patten which is only on turbo silvia cars.And 3 if someone has put a new engine in and upgraded the brakes i would say with a fmic and what likes like a oil cooler it would be a minimum of around 300HP.So it maybe a street/track car because of the oil cooler which you dont really need on a SR20DET unless your going over 300HP.SO no its not a stock 240sx with a few decals.

      • Ofcourse all of what you just said wouldve applied if this picture was taken in america, which it isnt.
        This is a Nissan 200SX S14 with a turbocharged 2 liter SR20DET engine. These are sold like this in europe WITH lefthand drive. Its only in american they have the 2.4 liter KA engine from a pickup truck 😉

  2. What kind of obstacle did they crash against anyway? They don’t look like they hit something really solid doing 90mph…

  3. The driver must be quite a self-absorbed arrogant ass. How could one be so full of themselves that they’d risk the lives and well beings of those around them, just because you think you’re cool or something?

    • HAH!! chrysler, the king of automobiles! funny! ive had a few and id of traded ANY of them for a honda (and i live in det-wah, theyll probably make me grab myself by the scruff of the neck and throw my own self out)!

  4. It actually turns pretty well because of the rear power and front steering. Not front power and steering.
    There is no replacement over displacement.

  5. its not a race car, its a drift car, and its far from stock

    so you random bogans get back in you pos cars and try driving around the track instead of spending all your time driving in a straight line

  6. You are surprised with Silvia with turbo engine crashed in moscow ? In moscow also crashed few Ferrari and Lambos, and what ? Also they where without decals.
    Look for the traffic accidents in your city and pray to stay alive if you or someone near you would make a mistake while driving stock car with 75HP.

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