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    • The guy is unbalanced in his brain 🙂
      Actually i saw this at some other site. It said he’s actually a nice guy and not gay – he has a gf.

  1. Let’s see here.

    Dark eye shadow around the eyes? Check.
    Pretty glossy lipstick? Check.
    Colorful hair barette? Check.
    Pretty, long, painted fingernails? Check.

    I have never seen a gay monster before, but thanks to English Russia, I have. Maybe there are things Russia should keep secret, this is one of them.

    • heh, so some sell off by the weekend closing to september.. big deal…
      what do you call economy? market is the market. immediate situation does not constitute economy..
      look at the jobless claims this year, it’s almost a shortage on workers in the us! hey good well minded russian engineers come to america we need you! 🙂 our bridges falling apart and power lines are burning out and nobody knows how to program computers anymore 🙂

    • it’s called a correction and all markets eventually have them, healthy markets have many venues the real estate is just one of them. I hope it drives the price of houses down in the cities i’d love to get a second place i could stay when i am partying.

      No offense but you guys barely understand market economies and see every down turn as proof that it is bad. but basically the market is crushed in one part than people come in buy really cheap and than sell higher in another market. That way everything is recycled.

      I hope it drives the price of houses down in the cities i’d love to get a second place i could stay when i am partying.

      • Not just the correction. There is a reason it is “correcting” so much. The credit crunch.. the housing slump.. subprime lending… decrease in new homes… too many homes on the market… and jobless claims are up this month, which wasnt expected. I’m not an econonmist, but an average person can see it’s not looking to good.

      • Bear Stearns is looking for people like you with just such an understanding of market dynmics. Send all of your money to them.

  2. I’m sure he is not gay. To my trained eye, these guys are from some remote Russian town where there’s no real job, where you cannot make any money, where there’s nothing else to do but drink home-made vodka and swim in that swamp, and they truly, actually believe that what they do on these pictures is cool. That’s what they honestly believe. I’ve been to similar places in Russia and I’ve met people like that. It’s really, really sad.

  3. By the way, the blue thing that holds his hair in place is a fashion among young guys in Russia now. A lot of them wear this thing in public. You know, when I returned to Russia from the US, the first thing that I’ve noticed was how all men (young and not so young) looked and dressed totally gay here. It’s true. They are, I’m not kidding. They have these gay haircuts, gay shirts, gay pants, gay shoes, they carry small purses. I got used to it now, but it looked really creepy at first.

  4. My 1st impression was this man must be big into BME. But then I noticed his eyebrows are very feminine, he is wearing makeup and he is wearing a g-string.

    If it looks gay, acts gay and smells gay, it is probably gay.

  5. I fail to see that this person’s sexual preference is relevant to anything whatsoever.

    However, dental work is needed for the poor soul, I am willing to start a fund-raiser for this, we can get those eye-teeth whittled down and go from there.

    Who would like to contribute? Anyone? Let’s get busy here.

    And who gives a darn who this person has sex with? I have never understood the fascination males have with this issue. It might stem from deep-rooted fear that you are uncertain of your own preferences. Or maybe you guys find it entertaining.

    It’s just boring to me.

    But those fangs, that’s good stuff!

    • I couldn’t agree more. Sexual preference here is not and should not be the issue. Glad to hear that someone else is morally awake here.

      Lol… you know what he really needs to complete his look are some of those cat-eye contact lenses… lol.

  6. why the big debate on his sexual preference? if you cant say any of this stuff to his face or if you dont know him, you can not say weather he is gay or not?
    looks like we got a bunch of homophobics here….
    and Petya is right, many young men are dressing ina fashion that would be seen as odd to many, but it is just a fashion trend….
    so lay off guys, there is really no need to argue so much about somthing you will never find out and do not have any good evidence to back up

  7. Btw, good on you all those people that aren’t afraid to give your opinion, and don’t have to be politically correct, screw the rest of you.

  8. what makes it so peverted TonkaTough?
    there is no difference between a hederosexual relationship and a homosexual relationship, they are both about love and happiness, no matter the gender of the people.

    and i do want you to have an opinion, but in my personal opinion you are phrasing your thoughts in a way that may be seen as rude to other people. Maybe you should try to say things more politely..

    he very well might be Gay, but lets not make that assumption unless we are able to ask him ourselves. All I am saying is do not judge some one from how they look.

  9. This guy looks definity gay. If he is realy gay or not, Im not sure. But I would be very suprised if he told me he is hetero. En yes Im homophobe, so what. I don’t hate them but I don’t like them around. It’s a free world and I am entitled to choose my own friends.
    And if this guy wants to draw attention and look like a twisted freak, so be it, his right to do so!
    I just don’t understand why someone wants to look feminine and masculine at the same time.

  10. Homophobe means scared of gay people. I am not scared of all gay people. I am scared of this gay person though.

    He obviously looks that way to attract the type of people he wants to have sex with. Do you honestly think a woman would want to be with a man that looked like this?

    I have no problems with gay men. More chicks for me. They can hump all the dudes they want.

  11. “Prejudice is not a taboo, but an instinct for reproductive success”

    Lol… Clearly your prejudice can’t help you form a coherent sentence, though I won’t say thats unfortunate for us. Let me tell you something about prejudice that maybe your redneck father forgot to mention before he dumped you on your mom and disappeared…

    I taught english for a couple years in Volgograd, mostly taught adults but also taught a lot of kids. Two of my students were these adorable chinese girls, one was 7 and the other one was 12. They were some of the best students I ever had, always came to class on time, had all their stuff done when they were supposed to. One day they didn’t show up, which was out of character for them. Later in the week I ran into the older one on the street. She explained that she wasn’t able to come to class because she was in the hospital being treated for a broken arm and two broken ribs. Her and her sister were attacked on the way to class by a group of skinheads, all because they were Chinese. I never did see the younger one again, but I know that she lived and had to have stitches on her face from knife cuts. What amazed me more was that no one seemed to do anything about it, no charges were pressed, no one was brought to justice. Honestly it still sickens me to think that this kind of hate can lead people to do such horrible things, to beat up innocent little girls. That’s pure cowardice– and here you’re telling me to grow balls. Hate against someone because of their race is no different than hate against someone because of their sexuality. I can see that you clearly don’t agree with me, and that’s unfortunate. I’m done trying to prove my point and having it fall on deaf ears. After those girls were attacked I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t tolerate prejudice. Whether that will yield any “reproductive successes” I can’t say, but at least I’m trying to do my part…

    • Hateful people like yourself are usually met with hate by us, the “normal” people, and that makes you keep clenging to your precious hate. Isn’t it a little ironic that the hate, that you cherish so much, is the same force that ultimately will destroy your life? I bet you don’t have much of a social life to talk about… I sincerely hope that you some day will understand that you must open up for the positive forces in yourself, and that you’ll have a happy life. Good luck.

  12. i’m not even going to touch the ignorant and bigoted comments here. as for the dude, all i can say is he has some nice artwork. he obviously is comfortable in his own skin and with himself, we should be so lucky.

  13. Alicat, that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    And beth, thankyou, i completly agree, i am so happy that he is comforetable in his own skin, i wish i could meet him and ask were he got his fangs!!!!!!!!! I gotta know who did his work, id go all the way to Russia to get the same guy to do some tattoo’s for me!!!!

  14. Thank you LiebeHass,
    What can I say, I was inspired!
    Unique people make the world more interesting! The more the merrier I say! 🙂

  15. no tak, bo ma inna bajke w glowie niz reszta spoleczenstwa juz musi byc gorszym, mimo iz zadem z negatywnie komeentujacych nie zamienil z Nim ani slowa, jakie to przykre ze dzieci neostrady pisza az tyle gowna ,na ktorego czytanie traci sie tylko czas

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  17. this guy is just amazing. i can’t stop looking at him, the plump, shiny lips that glisten with desire.. the baby blue eyes piercing my world, those cut-offs.. that ass. it’s all too good to be true.. far, far too good.

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  19. well. not really bigot. your just a bigot. a hater. the kind of people that kill innocents because for some reason your think your tiny little brain has the right answer. right. got it don’t i. you probably don’t satisfy women either.

    • You’re the kind of such as simple-minded man, that you could be a woman as well. Not even a smallest twist, a little, tiny devil of individuality occupies your brain. Now go and join back your herd until it walks away singing its choral of a political correct, media-controlled unanimity. That successfully replaced thinking and even a common sense. So be it.

  20. it’s called diversity. thank god… otherwise the world would be full of boring american christian republicans. how exciting would that be?? nice work igor! i would rather hang out with you than some of the people that responded to this. cheers from an aussie!

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  26. The internet does not care about your life story.

    But reffering back to the pictures… the second one completely took me by surprise, then the third one with teeth completely took it to the next level of weirdness, lol.

    Well done, interwebs.

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  29. oh my god, the truth is that I never encourage them to be near a person so, I never liked that kind of stuff, respect them, but never would do to me, kisses and thanks

  30. The man in the picture is delusional from the looks of it and disturbed, if that’s the impression hes trying to get across, good job lol

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  32. youre right. i wouldnt say it to his face. i would be too busy laughing until i puked blood due to the bruising on my lungs from laughing so hard.

    whether hes gay or not…it really doesnt matter. what matters is that no one, not even you self righteous champions of understanding and tolerance, could look this man in the face, dressed as he is(or isnt), and keep a straight face. at the very least, you would have a smile in your eyes, and a twitch in the corner of your mouth.

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  36. Pure Russian souls trying to find an expression and/or definition- and this is the result… preserve the breed… have your differences and childish fits but dont forget who you really are and what you’re here for

  37. IM glad boyadjacent there are skinheads do you realy think 1.4 billion bugs and another 1.2 billion turds of india. will bring anything to little europe. Of course the bugs are way more racistthan the vegtable white race.
    Little coloured child will grow up to be a rat its very sick that europe has sold itself to eu – washington controled jewish state

  38. I love this website.
    The guy with the fangs is probably just a young guy who wants people to remember him, and I will.

  39. His physique, tattoos, etc. are all very unusual, but if he is happy with them, what is the problem?

    I consider most tattooing, many hairstyles and some styles of clothing to be most unusual and would not wear or have myself, but If the person is happy in this sad, sad world what is the problem?

    Many of you seem to think he is very outlandish so he must be gay. Maybe he is, but what is the problem? Maybe the bigots think strange hairstyle or clothing or tattoos, must be gay. Does that mean that every conservatively dressed guy is straight? You cannot judge everyone by appearance.

    And for those of you that think “gay” is unnatural, or a non-survival trait, it occurs in nature. Humans are not the only animals in which homosexuality occurs (go and research if you like, the bonobos are an example).

    And for the religious who think it is against the teachings of Christ, Jesus said to love your neighbour, and that does not only mean the guy that goes to the same church, club, whatever and drinks the same beer as you. He meant every other person on this planet. And not just the righteous, but the sinner, as he said we are all sinners.

    Lastly, everyone has the right to express their opinion, that is part of what we call democracy (the freedom of speech). Even narrow-minded bigots have that right (but I am also free to disagree). 🙂

  40. to everyone here that posted paragraphs of pointless arguments: cool story bro

    now that you are done wasting hours of your life arguing on the internet and get nothing but your whats left of your ego back after “winning” an argument,i just want to say…that the dude looks so wrong.i can see a small *ehem* though. XD

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  42. If i see this creature in forest i realy shoot them from rifle, who know, maybe gay vampires from twilight realy exist.


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