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air quality in the big cities 1

One Moscow driver took a shot of his car air fliters after 9500 miles ( 🙂 ) of usage. According his words, these pictures clearly show the air quality in the big cities.

This one, on the picture above, is a new air filter from Ford. See the difference.

Do the lungs of people after a few months living in Moscow look alike from inside?

air quality in the big cities 2

air quality in the big cities 3


20 thoughts on “Air We Breathe”

  1. doesnt a car ‘breathe’ a lot more air in 9500 miles of travel than a person does in a long time? considering it is going faster… i dont know!

  2. If the guy really wants to do a test like this, why not buy a paper mask and wear it every day? He can pretend he is Bangkok police.

  3. I see nothing special. I mean, it’s quite normal after 15.000 km, if you use a car in a metropolis. Just check out your cars filter…

    • What metropolis? Mexico City? Bangkok?

      There is no doubt that Moscow air is many times more toxic than any other Western metropolis.

      I’ve seen many Moscow visitor simply cough and complain of throat irritation for about a week, before they got used to it.

  4. The last time I checked my car air filter, a mouse had built a nest in there and used bits of the filter to make the nest.

  5. That is normal. Most of the dirt is and road film. How often are the streets cleaned? Has nothing to do with air quality.

    • Uh, no….this is an air filter… that filters… um… air. Not road grime. Your car would have a problem if dirt and road grim were getting into your air filter. I understand there is dirt in the air that comes from the roads…but once it leaves the ground…its air pollution.

  6. While I have to agree that this test doesn’t say much, the quality of air in Moscow is as low as it can possibly be. And the reason is, bad gasoline quality and lots of old Russian cars on the road with no emission control equipment in them whatsoever. No catalytic converters, no air injection reactor, no electronic ignition, nothing. The air in Moscow smells very noticeably like cheap gasoline when you arrive here from any other city in Europe or America. Even if you come from LA or New York, you will notice the strong smell in the air as soon as you exit the airport terminal. After a while, you get used to it and don’t really notice it anymore.

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