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  1. Like their aren’t ghettos like this in the Bronx, Christ. Your anti-Russian sentiment is distasteful even to the foreigners you’re trying to appeal to.

    • There are no ghettos in Moscow per se. The entire city looks like one huge ghetto. Some pretty houses here and there, but overall it looks like one huge public housing project. If I don’t like the Bronx, I don’t have to live there. I can live in Brooklyn or move to New Jersey. In Moscow, it doesn’t matter where you live. You will see the same mayhem everywhere.

      • well..that counts for Dnepropetrovsk (ukraine) too….i think its in the most former sovjet cities….its pretty sad tough..but no problem people are used to it.

      • You speak filthy lies. I lived there for 9 months and I can assure you there are “nice areas” – I lived in one! Well, a damn sight nicer than the ones shown above, anyway.

  2. And it’s not that there are areas in Moscow like Spanish Harlem or East New York. I mean there are no “bad” and “good” areas in Moscow (not counting the Garden Ring area of course, which is a whole different story). So this is indeed not very unusual for any part of the city. How could anybody say that Moscow is clean and bright and beautiful is beoynd me. Apart from the pampered Garden Ring, it’s an ugly, cold city with an appalling architecture.

  3. I am sure that majority of “inner city troubled youth” in America would love to live in a courtyard like this. It would give them a chance to pull the car parts off of those 3 imported cars and sell them for crack.

  4. It is actually a famous construcovist complex which is being currently left to rot.

    from http://www.maps.ru

    The ‘Hostels of the Red Professor Institute’ (1929-1932) by D.P.Osipov and A.M.Rukhlyadev, a complex of experimental Constructivist housing, is under threat of demolition. These seven elegant buildings were constructed to house trainee military teachers and hold a key position opposite the Novodevichy Monastery in southern Moscow. Osipov is a well-known Moscow architect of the period and the complex was under consideration for listing until earlier this year. Its dilapidated condition was the justification for removing it from the list, but it is more likely that it was pressure exerted by the developers, one of Moscow’s most powerful companies, who have shown an interest in the site. The complex is now unprotected and is under imminent threat of demolition while the developers work on plans for an elite housing complex to replace it.

  5. Moscow is a ‘clean and bright city’????

    Where the hell do you live, Pokrovskiy hills?

    I live near the centre of Moscow, (on the Garden Ring) and it is FAR from clean and bright…

  6. “we got used to think of Moscow as about clean and bright city”

    Perhaps you can take consolation in the fact that the rest of the world never shared that misconception…

    Although I hardly think these pictures show anything that’s even close to the worst of Moscow.

      • publius told that the author not the pics are anti russian…but i think his wrong in that too….because the author is talking like its very unusual to see such pics for moscow. so i think his talking positive…only everybody knows that one can find countless of such places in Moscow (even worse).

    • You need to understand the counter-culture of the “alternative lifestyle” in order to comment about these pictures. In the US, everyone has an opportunity. Our jobless rate is extremely low right now. If these people have the mental capacity, a clean (crime-free) background, and can pass a drug test then they should be able to get a decent job. It’s more likely that they just don’t want to trade their drugs for a job. They look like they are protesters that live in Seattle or kids in Hollywood.

      • Someone should make a photo documentary about people on the streets of Moscow at around 8 PM. When almost every pedestrian (male of female) holds a 0.5L bottle of beer in his/her hand and openly drinks from that bottle while walking, without hiding its contents. Some even drink beer with high alcohol content (9% by vol, made by adding some vodka into it), and some drink those horrible canned cocktails – essentially a cheap carbonated beverage made by mixing a low quality alcohol with artificial flavoring, sold in 0.5L cans (couple of those babies, and you are a happy camper for the rest of the night 🙂 …if you don’t mind your kidneys disintegrating in the process that is). This scenery always strikes me as agonizingly depressing, and it is a part of “normal”, everyday Moscow life, not some kind of “alternative lifestyle”. Seriously, this would be a great documentary.

        • this is what makes me angry too! While walking around in Moscow I have the impression that all of the city’s inhabitants consist of degenerated alcoholics. there should be a law against it. policemen would earn millions of rubles a night

  7. Yes, St Petersburg is very nice. It has that European grandeur and feel that Peter the Great wanted, I think 🙂

  8. as for the author….what would you write too make us look at this pictures and have something to discuss about???

    i think if you wrote: LOOK!! 2 pics from Moscow….it wouldn’t be interesting…

  9. Oh come on you see court yards like that in just about every eastern european city. Its really nothing a bit of paint cant correct. Its lack of up keep. Northing more.

    btw, stop trying to steal the north pole, its ours!

    • i think one can find even worser places in Canada.
      As for the northpole….what you talking about?????…anyway I think that you have enoug northpole in your country…why bothering getting more ice???

  10. “btw, stop trying to steal the north pole, its ours!” ))) hahahahaha!!!
    2 Adam: Who to you has told, what north pole yours? )
    Spit to this person to face! hahaha!!!

    • If America wants North Pole America will get North Pole through hook or by crook. How do Russkies intend to take North Pole with rusted fleet?

  11. Huh? Moscow clean and bright? I’ve never thought someone could think that way, but then again, I’ve never been to moscow yet.
    The photos were a lot cleaner than my idea of what Moscow looks like. But then again, having visited some other Russian cities, I’d say that the photos are sure far from being the worst the city has to offer…

  12. there are people who have to do their own laundry and hang it outside? Do they not have, like, servants or something to do it for them? it cant be, not in big,clean, bright moscow

  13. NEVER saw anything like that in Moscow (and i lived there for 22 years), but i dont say these fotos are fake – maybe it exists somewhere in the city, but is not usual at all…

  14. I was in Moscow in April of 2000. The masonry of the Kremlin was perfect. When I travelled a little, I saw these projects and it looked as though untrained baboons had laid the brick! I am sure I could have trained baboons to do better.

    • I am sure you would train them better ,i’m just wondering why didn’t you train any to build the world trade centre so some guy in a turban doesn’t freely blow 2 buildings into dust with a bottle of low quality shampoo.

  15. To be fair, Moscovites were generally nice people, the people I despised were the State Department employees in the US Embassy, and I am an American.

  16. we don’t have housing projects in Russia every family that lives there had to bust their balls and work for w/e they got ,you westies on the other side hand out welfare checks like candy on halloween and still you have more & more problems appearing ,the reason no1 knows about it you do a damn good job on keeping all these problems away from the worlds eyes and most of the images of USA the world ever sees are Miami resorts and Broadway in NY and the rich part of Hollywood where most your movies are shot ,bunch of fake misleading info if you ask me .

  17. I live in moscow and gravel a lot. I can honestly say that moscow doesn’t have slums. Sure, The most neighbourhoods look The same, that’s because they were built in THE SOviet era. There’re pore hoods, but there are no real ghetto’s with Only drugsdealers etc. Like you have in The most American cities.

    So overall moscow has lots of buildings which look THE Same, but i Really can not name à ghetto where normal people shouldnt go…

  18. It looks grim in Moscow(everywhere)
    Anyway, doesn’t matter. Hey Boris! check out the Vegas strip in Nevada,Sunset strip in California, and New York City. Freedom Dude.

  19. Moscow is all about “the wrong place @ wrong time” safe in general, try my hometown Vladivostok! That is a hard place. americans dont sourvive there, russia in west is ok for everyone to travel. But who wants to live in russia these days?

    Siberian greetings from greece

  20. I was born raised siberia too ,and have travelled the world fact is i love my country and even the worse parts of moscow are better than stupid in plain english yank land, and none of the world wants to be like your back yard in fact whole usa is on map as example of how not to be as a country , period

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