32 thoughts on “Soviet Worker Women”

    • Yes they are boulders that they are about to break in half over their head. Haven’t you seen Russian soldiers do that? It’s a tradition.

  1. So this is how russian feminism was shaped. Where there any individual pioneers like Elizabeth Cady Stanton in US for example?

  2. In Russia, feminism roots started before America was born, with Catherine the Great…..1772. Maybe one day USA will have a female leader they can call an icon, until then they only have ‘individual pioneers’ and pornstars for role models.

  3. Russians had the first woman in space, Walentina Wladimirowna Tereschkowa in 1963 🙂

    Yeah I always knew that this knowledge will be useful for me one fine day 😀

  4. In today’s Russia, just like in the Soviet Russia, and in Russia before that I would imagine, a woman is treated like a servant by her family. First of all, she has to work just like her husband. Then she has to give birth to his children. She also has to prepare food for her husband and the children (there’s no such thing as takeout food in Russia, in any case it is not a substitute for a home-made dinner). Then she has to do the laundry for the entire family. Too much responsibility? But wait, there’s more! A wife must also take care of paying bills, do the grocery shopping, iron her husband’s shirts, knot his neckties (men in Russia traditionally cannot do that), look after the pet (if they have one), take the children to the doctor (if needed). Wait, you ask, what does the husband do? In a traditional family, he drinks beer and watches football on TV. And he usually doesn’t make more money than his wife. In fact, the opposite is quite typical.

  5. if you ladies want and exersise equal rights beside males,why you demand`s previllage,come and face the reality.why ladies first?why ass later?why sucking first not later?if you wanna equality,face hard ship.

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