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  1. I think they are probably clutching at straws a little. They don’t look much like each other except for the shape. Why not say the roadside ‘STOP’ symbol is similar?

  2. It clearly stems from Chinese roots. Ever heard of the I Ching – Book of oracles ? These are the building blocks with which you can find out your ‘Kharma’ [changed to ‘Dharma’ in the series]

    Kharma is your destiny.

    Russian bloggers spent too much time behind their computers if they are coming up with this nonsense.

  3. The Chinese philosophical concept, the “Bagua”, is represented by octagonal diagram, exactly like the one on Lost. google it.

    THe Soviet book looks nothing like it.

  4. Why does every nation thinks that most of the things out there have been stolen from them? I think it’s redicuous to think that the designers of the logo (from Lost) came across the russian logo and said: “let’s copy it, because we can’t come up with anything better”.
    I am from Russia and I am embarrassed for the russian bloggers…

  5. The I Ching is very, very ancient, who stole what from who?
    Your Homework: Google “I Ching”


  6. i ching…





  7. And this matters? Who ares where the Lost logo came from?

    There is more interesting stuff in Russia, this isn’t postworthy.

  8. Maybe the Russians built that counterfeit Apple 2 computer that was to end the world if key strokes weren’t hit on a continuous basis. That would explain why it didn’t work.

  9. You are too serious!
    I suppose it’s just a joke and nobody really believes, that the LOST logo is really stolen from old russian book (especially from the book about “Zhiguli” cars!=))))))))))

  10. In the 1970’s one Soviet musical band took the then-popular songs of the various western disco bands, wrote the Russians lyrics to the music, and released an album in the USSR featuring these songs. The album was a huge hit in Russia, but nobody told people that the songs were stolen from the western bands. Some years later, another western band (Boney M, I think) did a remake of one of the songs and their album was released in the USSR. The song was “One way ticket”. People in Russia immediately recognized the tune and blamed Boney M for steeling the Russian song 🙂 Well, they didn’t really blame them. They were kind of proud that the “Russian” song made it to the West and became a hit. I guess, ignorance IS bliss 🙂

  11. TV is not the beginning of everything, the symbol as well as the term “dharma” have been used for centuries and longer.
    the lost creators just play with buddhist and daoist symbolism, i guess because they couldn’t come up with something original themselves…

    go and read up on some daoist stuff if you really want good stories (with actual meaning) 😉




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