Vodka Museum

museum of vodka in Russia 1

I guess they did it right when opened the Museum of Vodka in Russia. Where else they had to do it?
There are 2707 different types of vodka there, some sorts are really rare, some not. We also had featured some weird Russian vodka packages on English Russia before, like AK-47 Vodka, Police Law Book Vodka, Triple Core Processor Vodka, so we could probably contribute to this museum too if they had a virtual branch in Internet. Also you can browse all our “vodka tag” to see all the posts on English Russia that were connected to vodka, some were great.
And by the way according to the last photo even Mr. President has visited this museum.

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19 thoughts on “Vodka Museum”

  1. Have you also seen new Jimi Hendrix Elecetric Vodka? here is one link to description. i believe it was created recently by his brother Al Hendrix.

  2. Haha, that chess game gives new meaning to “shot chess”

    When you lose a piece, you drink THE PIECE itself

  3. My friend Raymond aka “the schmendrick” would be in heaven at this museum devoted towards Vodka in all its various forms
    That is if there was any left in those vodka bottles at the end of the tour

  4. Does anyone know if there is some Samogon (moonshine) museum present? Russian samogon is definitely as famous on its own field as russian vodka so it has deserved a museum for sure.
    I hazily remember a long list of items samogon can be distilled of, counted by immortal Ostap Bender, in “Zolotoy Telyonok” (“The Golden Galf”) – topping with ordinary kitchen stool… And all the stories from Soviet Army of how alcohol has been derived from most unexpected substances using most unbelievable techniques could also be turned into a theme park or something… For example – to separate spirit from brake liquid(!), you need environment as cold as possible (Siberia!) and simple V-shaped iron girder. Give girder some angle and let the liquid flow into it. Because of low temperature, brake liquid gets thicker thus flowing slower. And guess what? Since spirit stays more liguid, it breaks free and goes ahead of slow brake liquid – only catch it to the jar!

    This shows just how enormous brainpower stands behind self-made alcoholic beverages. Definitely deserving a museum.

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