Some Russian Car Parking

car parking in Russia 1

Some guys in Russia hunt for the wrongly parked cars and put a yellow sticker on that cars with something like “I Park Like an Idiot” then make photos of them. Here are some photos they managed to make.

car parking in Russia 2

car parking in Russia 3

car parking in Russia 4

car parking in Russia 5

car parking in Russia 6

car parking in Russia 7

car parking in Russia 8

car parking in Russia 9

car parking in Russia 10

car parking in Russia 11

car parking in Russia 12

car parking in Russia 13

car parking in Russia 14

The signs on the window read: “Dear Drivers! Please park your cars with exhaust pipes opposite to the window – we can’t breathe inside!”. Nobody cared.

car parking in Russia 15

car parking in Russia 16

car parking in Russia 17

car parking in Russia 18

car parking in Russia 19

car parking in Russia 20

car parking in Russia 21

car parking in Russia 22

car parking in Russia 23

car parking in Russia 24

car parking in Russia 25

car parking in Russia 26

car parking in Russia 27

car parking in Russia 28

car parking in Russia 29

car parking in Russia 30

car parking in Russia 31

car parking in Russia 32


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  1. So many of those I can relate to. Parking doesn’t seem to be a skill Russian drivers learn very well; just find a gap and fit into it somehow.

  2. i don’t really see whats the big deal with pic nummer 3…
    and on pic number 17 the driver is driving the car not parking….you can see very often when its rush hour…that even the trottoirs are being used by cars.

    In Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk)…there once was a traffic jam on the pavement that’s meant for walking.
    imagine a street full of cars….

  3. A lot of these look as if the car had been parked over the winter, and the snow melting left the car in the precarious position pictured, or completely buried from passing snowplows. I see this kind of thing here in Alaska, too.

  4. hell yeah, and american city’s are 50 years out of date, you cant supply enough power to your city’s on a summer day, your whole economy runs on oil, and within 50 years it wil be broke because then the asian people will be in buisness, so now so great now anymore.

  5. ين گونه اعمال نتيجه فرهنگ 70 سالي هست
    كه با آن خو گرفته ان
    تازه مفهوم آزادي را فهميده اند
    و نميتوانند بطو صحصح از آن استفاده كنند
    چون مشخص است كه خود كامه گي استالين به نوعي خود را نشان ميدهد

  6. First off we are all the same race: the human race. You and me are the same people, buddy. Granted America runs on oil, some are fat, lazy, and have had 3 heart attacks and still eat the horrible stuff called fast food (tastes plastic and fake and I don’t eat it). But, really, how can we be judged by those things alone? Hey these are just some pictures taken around Russia. They do not, and should not, represent the whole nation of Russia. The average person is always so quick to judge another. To pigeonhole, in other words. These are funny pictures and only that. The ignorant ones are the ones who take it out of context.

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  12. Hmm, I’m not seeing much in the way of bad parking here…

    Pic 1 = Legitimately parked and buried by snow plow.

    Pic 2 = May have been parked when ground was covered by a few inches of snow, possibly the night before (photo taken after snow melted) but I can’t think of many other honest reasons someone would park like that.

    Pic 3 = Is actually a really GOOD parking job, though the driver probably had to climb across the passenger seat to get out…

    Pic 4 = Legitimately parked(looks like it’s in a driveway) and buried by snow plow. Probably didn’t realize how far back they needed to park to avoid this.

    Pic 5 = Either misjudged how close they were to the ditch or they didn’t see it due to snow (photo taken after snow melted) or darkness.

    Pic 6 = Judging by the snow on the ground, they may have hit a slick patch while backing out of (or into, I can’t see the layout of the parking lot from this angle) a parking space and slid over the edge, or the snow made it difficult to see the drop off in their review mirror.

    Pic 7 = … I honestly have no idea how they managed that. At least, not without severely mangling the car that is.

    Pic 8 = Either the truck driver did not see the car and drove over it, or the driver of the car hit the truck head on and slid underneath, though the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any hurry to get the truck off of it makes this scenario unlikely.

    Pic 9 = … You know what? I have no idea. Maybe it was hit by a snowplow.

    Pic 10 = Most likely simply ran off the road, though it’s unclear from this angle.

    Pic 11 = Looks like they put it in Reverse instead Drive.

    Pic 12 = Ok, that’s pretty bad… Perhaps the same as above? But worse?

    Pic 13 = Judging by the cars lining the street in the background, this driver was probably on the end of one of these lines and the photograph happened to be taken after the car(s) behind it had left. Doesn’t excuse the driver from parking on crosswalk though.

    Pic 14 = Possibly a bad joke, but a bit more likely the drivers simply didn’t read the signs.

    Pic 15 = Legitimately parked, victim of sinkhole.

    Pic 16 = … There is no excuse.

    Pic 17 = Judging by the snowy conditions the truck most likely exited the alley across the street (possibly going a bit faster than was wise in the given conditions) and, rather than turning as expected, slid across the roadway and was carried over the mound of snow at the curb by it’s own momentum. When the driver then tried to back up, the lack of traction coupled with the mound of snow (probably a mixture of snow, slush, and ice. Appears to have been packed-down by the plow and its own weight and refrozen) prevented the truck from disengaging itself.

    Pic 18 = The only explanation I can think of is that the car slid on an icy road and the snowy conditions allowed it to slide up and onto the stump, catching on the under carriage and preventing it from being driven off without damaging the car. Judging by the lack of damage to the rear bumper or left side of the body, it was probably moving sideways when it hit he stump that was probably half-buried by a mound of snow left by the plows. Photo was simply taken after snow melted, leaving the car high and dry.

    Pic 19 = Probably frustrated by lack of parking spaces or by the car beside him that appears to be taking up more than one space, used four-wheel-drive to solve both problems.

    Pic 20 = Another driver attempting to use four-wheel-drive to solve their parking problems gets their Jeep stuck on a plow mound. Driver forgot that 4wheel drive only works if the tires can get traction…

    Pic 21 = Umm… okay?

    Pic 22 = Possibly misjudged the clearance between the trees, but more likely the van doesn’t run and the trees simply grew up around it.

    Pic 23 = snow probably hid the hole until it was too late, or something collapsed under the weight of the car (possibly a manhole or storm drain that caved-in).

    Pic 24 = Driver probably went to take a break or something and didn’t expect to be there long… Or they’re just an ass.

    Pic 25 = Probably just a freak accident, but could have been somebody mistaking the stairway for the entrance to an underground parking garage.

    Pic 26 = Don’t see how this has anything to do with parking. For some indeterminate reason, the truck simply broke in half while driving down the road.

    Pic 27 = Victims of a highly efficient, predatory sinkhole.

    Pic 28 = Another case of somebody thinking that four-wheel-drive means unstoppable force.

    Pics 29-32 = Probably hit the gas too hard while backing up.

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