Russian Monster-Trucks in Action

Russian Monster-Trucks in Action

In our recent publications we’ve told about strange abandoned Russian trucks. Now we’ve learned more information about them and can even see how they run. During the Soviet times such military machinery was in strict secret and used only by the the Soviet space program.

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“Blue Bird” Сomplex was developed in the early 80s, on ZIL factory in the USSR. Its purpose was to search and help to the landing astronauts. It included freight vehicle ZIL-4906, ZIL-49061 Amphibious for passengers and auger wheel swamp and snowmobile ZIL-29061.

Amphibious ZIL-49061

Сross-country vehicle ZIL-29061.

ZIL-4972 (6х6) and ZIL-497200 (6х6), based on the Blue Bird alike chassis, were developed by Vezdehod-GVA together with ZIL factory at the beginning of the 90s. This is the pre-production video of ZIL-4972 (6х6).

ZIL-497200 (6х6)

ZIL-497206 (6х6)

ZIL-390613 (4х4) is the present-day off-road vehicle of high cross-country ability.

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  1. a) agreed, Peterm – the music surely IS annoying…
    b) I don’t know what’s so special about the last one … the UNIMOG had the same abilities form the early 1950s on…

  2. “auger wheel”– interesting. I wonder if it proved to be inefficient or unstable, prone to breakdown, or somehow not worthwhile (otherwise we’d see more of them in use).

    Music: certainly not the best King Crimson recordings– must be a more recent KC record.


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