He Simply Went by the Metro

the driver parked his car in the entrance of the metro 1

Today we’ve already posted news about some guys in Russia that hunt for the wrongly parked cars and then make photos of them. But this driver would probably take Grand Prix among “parking kings”! The witnesses says, that after parking the car in such a way, the driver came out and simply went by the metro (to which it was the entrance with stairway).

the driver parked his car in the entrance of the metro 2

the driver parked his car in the entrance of the metro 3

the driver parked his car in the entrance of the metro 4

the driver parked his car in the entrance of the metro 5

the driver parked his car in the entrance of the metro 6

the driver parked his car in the entrance of the metro 7

23 thoughts on “He Simply Went by the Metro”

    • I am talking about Auto Accidents you ignorant douchebag.
      Here are some statistics for you. I work for the WHO, so I will have to find specific ones if you are interested. I hope you have the intelligence and brain capacity to read them and put stuff together. Sorry, if I insulted you, but you deserve it.



    • It says that in 43K car acidents roughly 40% are alcohol related. in russia it is 35K fatal car accidents. unfortunately damned russian authorities don’t publish statistics by categories. so i can’t say for sure what part of that 35K were alcohol related but knowing how much and often russian drink and drive i have a gut feeling that the number will be more than 40% … but this is speculation of course …

      • And remember that there are a lot of more people living in the States, as well as are more cars, so this numbers are quite relative. Taking in account that russian population is going stright down year after year (and the american is growing up), this rate is very poor. And I agree, most russian drivers are VERY bad, not because of lack of skills (at least they know what is a manual gear box), but because of their selfishness.

        • These figures a PERCENTAGE based. Population of either country means NOTHING when talking about percentage-based figures.

  1. russia has only half of our population therefore having that many accidents they actually have a higher rates than we do. The russian life span for males is now what 48? and the US is 77. I respect the russian intellect but your not using it right about now.

    The US does indeed have a high rate of drunk driving incidents, most countries have some sort of police or taxi service plan for drunks but americans are a bit more stubborn, and it’s very large, so everyone drives everywhere and thus we have more drunk driving accidents.

    • why do you think the US has higher drunk driver accidents? do you have any supporintg data for this? i as far as i know, say in france they have similar 40% alcohol related car accidents

  2. i’ve got a solution for everyone – unless u want to post a funny comment or a nice comment – don’t post anything!

    i reckon most people who want to come here dont want to read junk.

    it always ends up being the us vs russia. i frankly – being a russian, don’t give a hoot. im just here for fun. so dont spoil it.

  3. This picture just shows what goes on in the 3rd world when people are unsupervised. Reminds me of the Congo or some African country which has just been introduced to a car for the first time. That country should not even be allowed to operate aircraft let alone automobiles.

  4. http://picasaweb.google.pl/pawel.janowski/ReportazUkrytyParkingPrzyczajonyDaihatsu

    Koluszki, Poland @ 3th march 2009



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