Don’t Jump!

person stands on the high floor right on the window 1

“No! Please don’t jump!”, could some tourist yell seeing the guy in Moscow house standing right on the high floor only half feet on the floor. But he doesn’t going to jump. It’s just a common Moscow builder, poor guy that came from some distant Tajikistan to earn a few bucks to support his family. They say in Southern countries like Tajikistan or Turkmenistan, ex-USSR republics, 90% of men are absent in villages – villages do look like some deadly war occurred recently, all men are in Russia work hard but treated like a low life dirty slaves – live right on the construction sites, often being cheated with payments, no security means even for those who work high above the ground – as you can see on the photo. It’s capitalism.

person stands on the high floor right on the window 2

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  1. lol you make it sound so dirty. that’s the same mindset that clothes down sweat shops, not realizing that the alternative for many of the workers is prostitution or starvation. if the villages they left were so great why did they leave?

    • I totally agree. They all have the option of being safe and hungry. It takes time but with some money comes the ability to move ahead. No money means you’re a beggar forever.

  2. Sorry, capitalism rocks. It makes motivated people rich but the poor are the ones who CHOOSE not to work and are often lazy.

    • Capitalism isn’t the problem it is the worker. Communism is the enemy that got you in this mess. Form workers unions like we did in the United States and demand rights, safe working conditions, and laws that are enforced! If someone accepts a job like this then give them and the manager hell. Factor workers, construction crews, teachers, government workers should go on strike and put fear into the hearts of the aristocrats. If you really think you have human rights in Russia then take to the streets and demonstrate.

        • These no problem with unions unless they use illigal tactics and lies.
          Communisim removes freedom of speech(freedom of anything actually), removes peoples identity and indivdaulity, makes us all them same, and lowers our standard of living, just to name a few……

          • “Removes peoples identity and indivdaulity, makes us all them same, and lowers our standard of living, just to name a few…”

            Yes, you’re right. That’s what I was thinking yesterday when I came back from the theater. Watching Harry Potter after a nice meal at McDonalds where there was this new show on MTV…

            You’re right I really feel like I have my own identity and individuality. I feel so different from the other people.

            • Errr, you don’t HAVE to go see Harry Potter and eat at McDonalds and watch MTV, do you? No-one is forcing you to. All capitalism provides is a way to live, a way to work for your money and look after your own interests. To earn money for your family instead of being oppressed. Believe me, it could get a lot worse than capitalism.

              The one thing I can say about capitalism is that it is a necessary evil. Lots of people have tried to get a universal utopia and then look how that has ended up; communism for example? It is lovely in theory but it doesn’t work practically.

  3. Ну и че? Лучше бы написали как эти хачи все базары заполнили и как они пиздят россиян и насилуют наших девушек.

    Автор выпей яду.

    • I can tell you that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) would fine the employer of this guy about $20,000 in a second. Someone would probably end up in jail too. Do you think I’m joking?

      • Can you tell the OSHA and your capitlistic government that there are millions of illegal aliens working in farms and sweat shops all over the country, in incredibly unsafe conditions (as bad if not worse than Russia), for less money than these russians. O.. I’m sorry… the government already knows and doesnt want to do anything to upset the companies that hire these workers, because these are also the companies that fund their campaign for re-election. Isn’t capitalism great? The government is owned by the corporations…. and all that really matters in this country is making the rich richer and the poor poorer. So yeah…. I think your joking…. or you just live in your own imaginary world where the U.S. does nothing wrong and the rest of the world is backwards.

  4. “He/she might try to get away with it…….but he won’t…”

    Could you please remind me how many illegal workers there are in the US? Sure, they come because they need the money, but they’re also here because they find job. And I don’t think the people hiring them gets fines from OSHA or any other administration.
    Stop being angelic!

    • OSHA will fine anybody no matter if the workers are legal or illegal – actually you have better chances getting in trouble because illegals don’t really care about safety for them actually its a good chance to make more money – in courts they really don’t care who got hurt on the job.

  5. How can our economy be declining when it is growing? Our national unemployment rate is about 4%. Please, tell me about how great Russia is.

    • Don’t confuse growth with health. Sure we generate more revenue every year, but our spending grows even faster. Anyone with a basic math education can tell you that if you subtract more than you add you’ll end up with less than what you started with.

      • Yes, I can explain but it would help if you took some economics courses. By the way, the US stock markets are up, up, up again today. We just get more and more positive news about US economic growth and health.

    • Russia does not really have an unemployment problem, though it is of course higher than 4%, they have a problem of underemployment.

      Russia right now pumps crude oil and digs up minerals. That’s it.

      There are no serious educational or research facilities and there are no good scientists, professors and teachers.

      There is no IT industry, and no IT professionals.

      There is no medical research or large health institutions, thus no serious doctors.

      There is nothing! Just some glorified office staff that call themself “managers” that just keep office paperwork for the mineral extraction going.

      The country is already beyong the point of reversal. There are no skilled professionals on a national level. There is a huge shortage of professionals even for the very little positions that are still available to them.

      • The IT sector is the largest growing in the Russian economy.

        Russia has one of the largest and most educated work forces in the world. Sceintisits… researchers… you name it, they have them. The problem is getting research going with funding from the government… and its getting better.

        Russia has the most natural resources. Every country will scramble for these resources, and Russia will be unbelievably rich because of it.

        One thing I almost agree on is the health sector. It needs major overhaul.

  6. People in the US are getting richer because the demand for labor is so high right now. I’m getting calls from headhunters daily each offering $10,000 – $20,000 more than what I’m making now. Some are even offering nice sign-on bonuses. By the way, I’m already doing pretty good for myself. However, these offers are starting to get attractive.


      New study by an American University

      “The poor really are getting poorer”

      I suggest you read it.

      This is jusy one I saw this morning… I read stories like this every day about the flailing U.S. economy.

  7. Yeah Russia has made past mistakes but through its transition/transformation from communism and accepting the ideals of capitalism. Now where i disagree, namely you saying the U.S. will decline in terms of falling behind in economic might. Basically the states have had 100 PURE years of being the sole superpower in the world, and refining the capitalistic foundation it was laid… True Russia will be playing catchup and leapfrogging a few spots over the next few years, but all im saying is the US will not come off its throne anytime soon. We are looking to maintain our version of a perfect society and anything that rivals us= a threat.


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