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  1. It sure is very clean for that many cats! Aw. :/ I wish the owner (as the owner of the homeless dogs) all the luck in the world! That’s a truly genuine act.

    • Despite the fact that the cats seem well-cared for, there are several problems with this scenario.
      This kind of overcrowding is *extremely* stressful for cats. There is very little space per cat and no place for many of them to call their own.
      Imagine living in an apartment with 129 other people and not being able to leave or even know if you’ll have your own bed…I think you get the idea.

      Second, as was just reported on MSNBC, the males are neutered, but the females are NOT SPAYED! This is dangerous as cats that go into repeated heats are not only in a constant state of stress, but even more
      worrisome is that they can develop pyometra, a deadly uterine infection that kills.
      To allow this is a form of animal cruelty and certainly this
      is NOT a humane environment for these cats. I don’t think the cats should be killed or shipped off to a shelter, but they cannot remain in this situation for the long term. The best option here would be to leave the cats where
      they are for the moment (and spay all those poor females!), but mount a serious campaign to find homes for most of them, maybe allowing the woman to keep four, provided that any females that live there would be spayed.

      It is obvious that there is no way she can afford to care for these cats in the way they SHOULD be cared for and it is just a matter of time before there are cats that need medical attention (teeth issues, or diabetes, urinary tract and kidney issues from a dry food diet, etc.)
      although it is more likely that this is happening *right now* and there are cats suffering directly because of her obsession. This is NOT cool and she is doing these cats NO favors. In the interest of the welfare of these
      animals this CANNOT continue as it is.

      • Barry,
        your comments are ignorant. Obviously, your compassion for these animals is right up there with your intelligence…

        I agree with Catlady: there are too many cats for the space. Yes, it’s nice that this woman wants to take care of them and I commend her for that, but one suggestion to get her “cat fix” is that she can find work at a local shelter. And unless she has a ton of money to spare, getting food, litter, medicine and regular checkups at the vet will be an incredible feat. Do you realize that if one cat contracts a urinary tract infection (UTI), it will be only a matter of days/weeks before it spreads through the entire 130 cats? What will she do then?

        The cats do look healthy and the apartment clean. She’s doing a good job, there. Good luck to her.

      • I’m NOT a cat lady myself, but “catLady” is right. NO species wants to be crowded together like that, not even angry druggies like the one cussing out the “CatLady” a minute ago. Even those angry druggies need more space AND more food than that.
        Also, WHAT is “porridge” that she uses to feed them besides a tiny bag of dry cat food? The british call porridge “oatmeal”! That’s cruelty if that’s also what it means in Russia!
        (Go back to sleep angry druggie! Reality is cat lady was right.)

      • Ok everyone just stop!
        You all have valid points but flaming will not help anything!
        None of your are really ignorant, all of you have valid points.
        That being said, I agree that these are not suitable living conditions. Although it is a near-adequate temporary solution, it is unacceptable in the long term. They need to find good homes.
        I would say any more than 5 cats in a home that size is crazy.
        UM, FYC(the guy who spoke before me), you are certainly incorrect. Evolution is something that takes course over tens of thousands of years or longer, nothing could happen that drastic over the course of a decade. You should also be banned and your comment deleted.

    • Who knows how she is when there isn’t a camera rolling? They are obviously eating enough because they all look healthy, well kept and clean.

      That isn’t characteristic of unfed cats now is it?

      • Mosts cats do that if they are hungry, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get enough food! I have got three cats, I live in a cat-friendly neighborhood where almost everyone has a cat, a lot of houses or gardens have places where cats can get dry food, so none of these cats is poorly nourished. But two of my cats do jump around like crazy when they want food or when they see you are going to take their food or their milk out of the fridge.

        In the video you see these cats actually get along very well, otherwise you would easily have two or three cats fighting over a piece of food. This many cats in such a small room isn’t healthy, that is for sure (they can’t all lay down at the same time), if that’s all the food they get in a day, they won’t last that long. For that many cats I guess one would need at least two or three boxes of food per meal, and even better a garden where they can roam, perhaps even hunt for mice, rabbits, birds, …

        At least she seems happy and all cats seem happy with somebody taking care of them, it’s as if she has them all tied down or something. And I guess that if those cats wanted to get out, they could get out.

    • ^^, she was probably using that tiny bag of dry cat food just to distract them from her making their other dinner, since she was leaning over doing something you couldn’t see on the camera =) I wouldn’t have thought she’d just be feeding them a handful everynow and then o_O

  2. LOL @ Pete…hilarious.

    Personally I think there’s something very wrong with weird old cat ladies. Anything over 2 cats is bad, but 131? Jesus. Does she just put them together with catnip in a room with some nice music and watch them multiply?

  3. That’s insane! Is there not an SPCA or Humane Society in Russia? Can someone confirm? The house may look clean but I don’t buy it. Can you imagine the stench and smell inside that flat? Yeeshhhhh!If I was inside that flat I would probably throw up.This is an unhealthy situation. Homes of this nature in my town are often condemned by the city and the animals are usually relocated to the Humane Society or often put down.

        • Well that’s the way americans think. They never can see their own hypocrisy.

          So the cats are healthy, well fed and groomed? Screw that, kill them all because it’s unnatural for 130 cats to live so close next to each other. They have no privacy and would most certainly rather be dead.

          Seesh, brainwashed `tards.

          • Right on. I saw a lot of clear eyes and healthy cats. I don’t have to smell the place, let her do her thing… I don’t see kittens, that tells me she’s also spay/neutering, right? More power to her…

          • i wonder why the wiew of so many cats triggers such political- racist remarks ??
            cats are the most perfect species on earth..when I look at them, nothing else comes to my mind, just love
            a cat lover…of course

            • It’s well-known that fuzzy animals are a vector for ethnic hate. That’s why he was advocating putting them down – with the critical mass of kitties in that building, it’s another Third Reich just waiting to blow.

              • kudos to you chrissa!
                you’ve been answering everything that pops in my mind!
                two minds alike two views alike… so that goes twice for ignorant fools!

                pick up a book and read – ever heard of that?

          • What does that say about you if you lump all Americans together? There are more differences among Americans than any other country. We’re not all the same. Damn foreigners.

          • Not all Americans asshat.

            Some of us would rather hide in a commune of tree huggers than live in the McDonald’s society, but then, we don’t seem to be included in the census homes so how would you know?

    • I agree with you…I don’t buy it either. There’s no way she could always keep it clean with 130 cats >.> I couldn’t imagine how she could even live with that many of em…although..they are really cute.

    • holy poop batman. Nice of you to have dogs…

      someone should take a stun gun to those cats.. better yet, just leave it on taze and swing it from the ceiling.
      It’s be fun to watch!!!

      (you sicko, they say)

    • It is either that or they live on the street, you are sick, they are happy there and do not want to be destroyed, maybe if you lived in a free country where cats had rights and could not just be slaughtered then you might change your mind.

      • I foster a cat and a dog, and have fostered many more in the past.
        I do not OWN a living creature, I look after them and a adopt them.
        Those cats probably have the freedom to leave that apartment.

        • In response to your earlier post… cats who live in the wild live for an average of about 3 years while cats in domestic settings live to be upwards of 20.

          So your statement about cats living just as well (sometimes better) in the wild is false. Cats living in the wild die easily from diseases, car accidents, simple fractures and much more. So while they might be able to live in the wild they end up living better longer lives in homes.

    • There is NO humane society in Russia. There are no “animal homes” either. If this woman wasn’t there, these cats would be rutting for food in the nearest garbage dump and living in the house attics.

    • You know, I think most everybody above needs to get laid and or take a chill pill. Much too much anger and upset over a woman trying to get attention. She wins. Fake, real? Who cares? Really people there is so much more to life than viral videos!

  4. For what it’s worth, none of the cats that I could see showed signs of being unhealthy. But even if she’s caring for them diligently, that place has to be a methane hazard.

  5. Awwww! Disgusting! Poor neighbours! This should stink horribly! Even clean cats, like all animals, like human beings, have a certain smell, and 131 of them… Interesting, are these all brought from the street or half of them was born at her house?

  6. I laugh every time I look at the first pic where there is one cat per chair on the upper right hahahahhaha =}

    Glad to see that the place looks clean! And she is a smarty pants throwing the food all over the floor! Loved how they swarmed when she came into the room LMAO!!!

    • I know! I laughs so hard at the video! They look like a pack of swarming bees! I love the one right when she opens the door and he leaps up towards the food bag!

      • I don’t think you would be so amused and quick to laugh if it were *you* having to depend on, and compete with 129 others for, whatever small morsels of food someone chose to throw at you. That leaping cat you find so funny is desperate for a meal. Forcing cats to live this way is inexcusable and unconscionable.

        • Seriously, “catlady” do you even care about cats or do you just want to spout out a bunch of stuff that’s going to get these cats killed? If anyone is worried because of what she said, please read on. The rest of you, have a nice day.

          These cats are ALL of an appropriate weight, and they looked much healthier and happier than a lot of the cats I see in the Southern California Humane societies and shelters.

          I’m assuming the caretaker is smart enough to keep windows open for ventilation in whichever room has the boxes. If she didn’t, some of the cats would have signs of upper respiratory infection from the ammonia odors. In general, if the flat were so “unhealthy,” half or more of the cats would have visible signs of stress such as: respiratory infections, low weight, hair loss, ringworm, lethargy (clearly not an issue with the bunch in the video).

          They are not starving. Jumping up for food, is not ABNORMAL or an indication of starvation or stress. Cats are competetive. My male cat will run into and displace the female cat as I am offering her a treat. The cats in the video are bored and they are competing for food and attention. That is normal in any multiple (meaning 2 or more) cat household.

          As for the intact females, being stressed and prone to illness, I can’t agree. Being unspayed isn’t “stressful,” it’s normal. Granted, going into heat every 2 months or so is probably not fun for the females (but I’m sure it’s lots of fun for the males if they are in the same room). Pyometra is not that common, many breeders have unspayed cats that never actually breed and those cats can live many years without any illness. Besides, if a cat lives 2 years in a crowded, but clean, apartment to then die of pyometra, is that not better than starving or freezing to death as a kitten on the streets of Moscow? Let the cats choose their life.

          Of course I’d like to see each of the 130 kitties in it’s own little kitty bed with it’s own private litter box- but guess what?… It’s Moscow. They don’t even have toilet paper in Moscow- well they do, but it feels like sandpaper. So this woman IS the humane society. These cats have no alternative. Give her a break. Or go there youself and euthanize them, because that is what’s going to happen to them if you keep spouting off about how “wrong” this is.

          I commend you for knowing that dry diets are not ideal. However, you should know dry diets do not cause kidney failure. Vaccinations and poor quality proteins do. Adding moisture to the diet does help heal the stressed kidneys. But, once, again, it’s Moscow. I don’t think she has much option for foods. Besides, when was the last time you visited a US humane society that fed wet food to adult cats?

        • Well, it was fun to watch my work colleagues step on each other’s feet when somebody gave free CDs at a local activity here at work. Much like these cats.:)

    • I know! I laughed so hard at the video! They look like a pack of swarming bees! I love the one right when she opens the door and he leaps up towards the food bag!

  7. Damn! I commend her! Those cats look healthy and happy! It takes a lot to ignore comments, like the ones from some of you asses, and open your home to the many homeless animals out there.

    • I think this poor lady has a real Problem, First off they look healthy and Happy, but you can’t base that opinion from just a short video and a couple of Pictures.
      We see 130 cats, But I wonder how many cats have died!
      Where is all the cat Fur? I have 4 indoor cats, one being a Maine Coon, Cats shed, and ALL cats have Hair balls. Where is the Room for these cats to Play? Cats like to Run, My cats like to chase each other and run around here like Bats out of Hell.
      My point is, while these cats have a roof over there heads and food, is it really a good life for them?
      I keep my windows open even with the Air conditioner on for my baby’s can lay in the windows and get fresh air and sunshine. Cats also need time for themselves to sleep and just relax.
      I think she is being very selfish and needs to start finding good homes for them.

  8. Wow, I would love to have that many cats, but on the other hand, I know having that many cats is damaging to them despite how much you may love them. Having more than 10 cats between a family is cruel.

      • There is no magic number, maybe you live on a farm with your extended family and can take care of 30 cats, but my general point is that having too many cats, despite how much you love them, is actually damaging to them. Like having too many children, they become lost in the shuffle, but when you literally have a sea of cats in a small apartment, it’s too much. I don’t think I’m THE smartypants, and it’s not a hypothesis, it’s just a warning that too many cats can be dangerous.


        A small link illustrating my point. You also can’t assume that it’s always clean there or that all those animals are healthy as it appears on this page.

      • I would rather that these cats had happy lives with nice families, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen. What I would want is for these animals to be rescued and distributed to caring homes, but we all know the state of animal shelters. I would love to take in all the cats, but I also know that I would only be able to provide a sub par service for such a large amount of cats.

  9. this had me laughin so hard tears were streaming down my face… just the sound that the ocean of kitties make when she´s entering, and the bunch of cats jumping and bouncing around is just hilarious…

    also, she should have a larger apartment… that tiny size aint good for neither kitties nor woman…

    i just want to lay down in the middle of the floor and experience the ULTIMATE CUDDLES 😛

  10. i commend her too. what a big heart she has to put so much effort into helping animals not to suffer. And for david, how is 10 the magic number? like having 11 cats is going to tip the scale. If she keeps everything clean, and is loving and attendant to them, then having “more than 10 cats” is no different than having 9. Obviously she has way more than 10, but it’s people like her that make me think the world has hope. most would rather just see them killed.

  11. The caption reads, “…she loves homeless pets and simply wants to help them.” That doesn’t necessarily mean the 130 cats actually live full time in her flat. Perhaps she just leaves here window open, and the local cat community knows when she feeds? I’ve got two indoor/outdoor cats that spend spring through fall outside most of the time, but are almost always waiting at the door at breakfast and dinner times.

  12. I only have one cat I love dearly and everytime I clean her two litter boxes twice a week, I question my sanity… Good grief. This can’t possibly be good for the cats.

    • I change my cats’ litter boxes twice a day! Twice a week, no wonder you are questioning your sanity. 🙂
      Would you only flush your toilets twice a week and leave your waste to build up and stink? Of course not. Just because the cat’s waste is covered doesn’t mean it isn’t there, it is there, and the litter around it is absorbing the smell as it just sits there.

  13. Someone wrote: “That’s insane! Is there not an SPCA or Humane Society in Russia? Can someone confirm? The house may look clean but I don’t buy it. Can you imagine the stench and smell inside that flat? Yeeshhhhh!If I was inside that flat I would probably throw up.This is an unhealthy situation. Homes of this nature in my town are often condemned by the city and the animals are usually relocated to the Humane Society or often put down.”

    The cats in these pictures actually look quite healthy.

    The flat looks quite clean. Who is to say that it smells? That is a supposition not based on any evidence presented here.

    I guess killing cats turns some people on…superstititious witch hunters used to do it all the time.

      • cats sleep 16-20 hours a day, and don’t require much space.
        It’s not like she has 130 greyhounds in a flat…

        • You go around making it seem as if the one and only solution is cruelty. None of us, not anyone, is advocating for a cruel fate for these felines. But the fact is, they have no space here. Imagine living with 20 people in your apartment, or 50 people in your house. I’m sure you would love a fate as such just as much as these cats would.

          • Hi, David. You are very sensible in your comments. I just wanted to add something. I have worked with trapping and neutering feral cats and I’ve noticed that sometimes they prefer crowding. They sometimes pile into one small “house” when there are many to get into. Also I will see 5-6 cats laying right next to one another when they have an entire field to have as their “territory.” If the cats in this flat looked upset, I would agree with the idea that they need more space. But they are not hissing or showing exaggerated, physical symptoms of extreme stress. I also didn’t see any wounds indicating that there were fights. I think she does a good job and they are all OK. Maybe she does have to euthanize one every now and then because of stress (the shelters euthanize 9 out of ten cats taken in). I think that’s still preferred to starving on the street.

    • They’re not advocating killing the animals, that is obviously wrong, but if this woman dies and her cats are found, or any other random and impending scenario, whichever organization finds the cats, if they find them before they die, will most likely put down many of the cats, which would be the worst.

      The cats do look healthy, and it does look clean, but can you guarantee it’s like that in every room? Can you smell the room? It’s easy to hide your secrets for a camera.

  14. OMG, I bet you all that throwing a mouse in there with all those cats provides the owner hours and hours of good clean fun every week!

  15. the best is the one cat who tries to gank the food from her right as she walks in the door.
    dude leaps at the bag.
    smart fella

  16. .The cats look well fed but obviously are stressed out. I hope this forum and others will help get the woman some real help and adopt them out to loving homes

  17. this is disgusting. thats completely inhumane; no matter how clean it may appear, 131 cats need a much larger living space. i can’t believe that this is publicized and nobody has removed the cats yet.

    • Thanks, I completely agree. Seems like some of the people here realise what a danger it is to the cats, and then the rest of super obsessed animal lovers that are blinded by their love of animals. I love animals, and I love them enough to understand what these conditions do.

        • For saying that ‘These cats need a larger space’? For trying to get these cats better conditions, and realizing what a tragedy it is that this is the best we can do for them? Please reconsider.

          • Are you then implying that you’re actually trying to get these cats better conditions? If you are… like… ACTIVELY doing something, then I think that’s equally as admireable as what this woman is trying to do, her intention anyways & if so, please update everyone on how that is going… If this is the case, then I commend your nobility and heroism… otherwise – well, otherwise ranting on a message board isnt really going to change squat.

            • I’m not able to actively do anything, but being called to be euthanized, I believe I should at least defend my position.

  18. What I wanna know is…

    where in the hell do they poo?
    what.. is her living room one giant box full of cat litter? cuz jeez… thats a lot o’ felines. (and i’m a HUGE cat lover…)

  19. It’s really great that she wants to help cats, although that’s way too many. Those cats can hardly move around. I don’t think it’s right to have that many cats pent up in one apartment. They do look healthy and happy though, so good for her. Hopefully she won’t take in any more though… she should just donate money to a humane society or something, since she obviously has some money- it’s not cheap to feed and provide enough litter boxes for 130 cats.

    • If the cats were in a humane society shelter, they’d likely be in tiny cages separate from each other. If she can keep them fed, clean, and healthy, then I think her own private shelter for the cats is better than whatever usually happens to strays in Moscow.
      They can move around and play, and they all look healthy and not stressed out.

  20. If you think these cats have problems, you should see the abandoned dog population in Red Square. These people don’t seem to have a clue about humane animal management!

  21. what happens when she takes in a sick cat who spreads his/her illness to all the rest? does she fix any of them?

    not to discount the good intentions, just the logistics.

  22. The floor is clean because the cats lick the dirt off 3 times a day perhaps. Sad to see all of them trapped in her one little room. Let them out lady.

  23. Unbelievable… I’ve 10 cats at the house. They’re lovely, but so hard to take care of 10. I cannot imagine for 130’s 🙂

  24. I just love this video. It cant be real but I love it. The woman is so cheerful. The cats are so sleek and happy, sitting on their little chairs. I guess Russia is a different kind of a place where they have ladies like this one. Where are the kitty litter boxes? and the kittens? or do they alter cats for free in Russia or do you have to pay to alter 130 cats? The place is tiled so she could just hose it down once a day. Its really adorable. I love that cat that gives a sneer at the camera man.

    • I agree with you. The cats sure act like they are starving…and to keep them all confined like that is a sin. Cats need their own space and individual attention everyday to be completly healthy…..
      The way they go after one peice of kibble like that is sad to see.

      • The cats looked healthy to me- they look well fed, with nice coats, clear eyes, and tails up in the air- a sign of happiness. I imagine she took all the food bowls up, so that they could film the cats jumping all over the place for treats.

        If you want to see starving cats, look at some of the sad ones in Pahrump, Nevada.

        • OMG.

          That’s just horrible. I want to go save them and start a cat farm.

          Yeah, people should talk about how awful that is, not the old lady with the clean floors and well fed and clean cats.

    • unless they’re the kind of cats that always act like they’re starving and just wanna eat eat eat… that’s not healthy either, cute sometimes though.






  26. I love cats and while i love this video i do think 130 is a bit much . No group of animals should be pent up in such a small space.

    While i do not believe this is crulety, There is a bit of wow WTF how does she do it here.

    The cats LOOK healthy and they do LOOK well fed. Do not for a second think that their reaction to her bringing in food is anything but normal.

    For crist sakes my cat goes bonkers like this every time i open up a can of wet food.

    Also remember people,, This is in russia.. NOT the USA or UK. They have different rules over there and who are we to expect they to go by our rules? …

  27. So how does this work? Does she turn into Cat Woman x 130 if she dies?

    (I wonder if it’s a coincidence that my security word was “kgb.”)

  28. LOL my security word is Moscow….anyways, I subscribe to the thought that this video is set up and this lady really doesn’t have 130 cats. Think about it…there is no way the home or cats would be that clean if there were truly 130.

  29. I don’t think the cats are acting stressed out OR like they’re starving. I have 3 cats and they act completely psychotic every time I feed them, as though it has been days and days since they’ve been fed. (FYI, my cats are all overweight – definitely NOT starving.) I do think the room is a bit small for that many cats, but this is obviously just the kitchen and I’m guessing they normally get to move about the apartment a bit more (I don’t see any litter boxes in the room). These cats are much better off than stray cats on the street or at an animal shelter. They are obviously getting fed and they have somewhere warm to live. And as someone pointed out, there are no kittens running around, which indicates that she most likely has the cats spayed and neutered. People worry too damn much! These cats are healthy and happy. That lady would have to love cats to walk into that room. So what if she’s crazy?

    • Besides that, hasn’t anyone thought that if the guys filming this thought the house or the smell was foul, that they’d report it in their story?


      She is obviously well known for this for the story to be done. I am sure if this were a cruel situation, it would be portrayed differently.

  30. Anyone who has more than one cat would know that there’s no way this is fake. When you introduce a new cat there is hissing and growling for days until they become used to each other. Sometimes is takes weeks or months for them to accept each other. These cats obviously know each other since they are not fighting (except for food). Cats are not like dogs.

  31. Holy Jeez, lady! I know you want to help the cats, but 131 is more than enough already! Adopt some out! Share the kitties!

  32. Uhhh, cats instinctively cover their “droppings” up- as long as there are plenty of litterboxes, little chance of them pooping “all over the place”. As for them “screwing” each other, did you see any pregnant cats or kittens?

    Next time, engage your brain before your fingers.

    • Also to mention, cats are sociable animals and would mourn if anything, they do not eat family members and cats adopt humans into their family.

  33. Holy wow. I don’t know how you can live with that many cats… I’d be afraid of them ganging up on me or something. I mean, really. How would you fight off 131 cats??

  34. In my Country people would take them and eat as BBQ with beer. I love cats and I think what this lady is doing is really nice…but i am not kidding about people in my country make them a nice BBQ.

  35. Guys, cats are extremely clean. They wash off themselves 3 times a day or more. They hate being dirty and do cover their own poops, and also they don’t like to eat in the same floor that they poop. If you have an opportunity to have cat you would be surprise to see how clean cats can be.

  36. Cool. It is the first time I see many cats together and not even a single with obesity problem. Uppss I forgot they are from Russia, only here in America we will find fat cats…

  37. The cats look great but where are the litterboxes? For that number of cats, the room would need to be filled with litterboxes!

    • No offense, but where have you been?

      Not only do many Asians eat cats, but they eat dog too. Lots of them.

      And, not to be pesky, but where did you get 131? I am so wondering where this other cat came from since it’s proported that there is 130 cats.

  38. I think this is a hoax. She’s throwing food on a floor that’s gleaming. The cats are all perfectly healthy and appear to have been professionally groomed by a person, not just by the cats licking themselves. Look at the furniture in the room. It’s all plastic kids furniture. Someone got a bunch of cats and a video and borrowed a space and shot some film, put it on the Intenet and suddenly the world thinks, “I can see it so it must be true.” Damn people, learn to be skeptical.

    • If you were more observant you would notice that the door frame is scratched by the cat’s claws and there are dangling toys for them to play with, it is definitely their playroom. They probably has access to the other rooms when it is not feeding time.

  39. never mind clean, if I was one of those cats I’d want more than one square foot of room to wander, they’re in there like sardines….

  40. I don’t think those cats want to live with her. They are hostages. She feeds her ctas like shes feeding pigeons. I’m sure they are all thrilled about the little space they have to live in. So much cruelty in the world poor cats.

  41. comment to catlady and others judging a story by its cover. take a trip to Istanbul and observe how cats are happy over there; that is if you get permission off them to walk on the streets!

  42. I wish she had a paypal account listed or something. I would like to send her a donation. I think the cats could adapt to that environment.

  43. As a feralcatlady for over 25 years…..I do applaud this lil lady from Russia. I have had as many cats, however they are all fixed, teeth cleaned, shots and the whole bit. They also as feral cats, live in a habitat outside. And this is only due to them committing hairy kari if I tried to keep then in the home….This is only the case if they are found pretty young and early on. I would say this gal found all of them pretty young and raised them inside. I would find it pretty impossible to take a full grown feral and keep them inside without any serious consequences. So let the lil lady from Russia keep the kitties and give them loves. I would also like to see her adopt some out, to make room for more.

  44. WHERE ARE ALL THE LITTERBOXES KEPT? There’s only one other room, right? This is a staged photo. Cats poo and pee, so her bedroom has ALL the litterboxes in there or something is being hidden from the eye.

    • Maybe there’s a cat door so they go outside for their bathroom needs and they just come in for feeding. If not, she is a world class cleaning lady.

    • actually- i saw the news clip on you tube and all the litter boxes are underneath the chairs on the perimiter of the room… but it is bizzarely clean..!

  45. People, people, people…chill out. Whats with all the nasty comments about people here?
    Let’s stick to the story…a woman has 130 cats.
    Who cares WHERE? Who cares WHY?

    Now…this could be a staged vid clip. MOst of the cats look
    in okay condition. I’m a cat owner I know about cats.
    They do seem to be frantic for the food this lady is throwing out all over the place, but looking at the pics, I don’t see any signs of ill health. BUT, I’m not a vet.

    SO people…chill out and stop being nasty to other posters here over a silly cat story, which I still say could’ve been staged.

    Finally, while I’m not going to cast personal aspersions
    on this woman in the vid…it is completely irresponsible
    to own 130 friggin’ cats.

    Meow in Canada

  46. These are cats not chickens. Feed them like cats. However; I suppose these cats need to be fed like cattle. Get a cow trough and dump huge bags of feed in it. Throwing morsals on the floor will not fill them up. They appear way to desperate for a happy cat.

    As for the other comments: Make love not war!

  47. Wow! That is A LOT of cats! Her house is surprisingly clean and the cats look healthy and happy to have her to love them though! I think everyone has to know when enough is enough however. I have 3 in a fairly small apartment and one I feed that is a stray. I’d love to bring my stray inside, but with cats there is a line that when crossed, will offset the balance in the house. With just 3 I’m constantly scooping litter and changing food. I can only imagine what it would take to live with 130 cats. My eyes itch thinking about it!

  48. It is terrible, this is not funny at all! All cats need space. I have a lot of cats too,14, but they are all healthy so far, loved & happy, in a big house- they stay indoors, with a big enclosed porch that some of them practically live in whenever we are home and the door’s open. My boyfriend and I love them to death. They are all special and get everything they need, and my house is CLEAN. How the hell would that lady be able to keep her “flat” clean to keep up with the cats? It’s simply impossible! It’s a ridiculous sight, I feel terrible for these animals. They didn’t ask to be taken into a situation like this, they don’t know any better. I don’t understand how anyone can think this is ok. Cats need to have their space, and these cats cannot be happy being on top of each other all the time. If anyone thinks this is ok they are sick.

  49. This is a woman with a big heart. A woman that does not like to see cats abandoned. I think she should go official with what really is a Russian humane society for cats. She obviously would require and want more space and donations too but she is obviously doing her best at a very difficult task. She ought to be encouraged, not belittled. She is certainly not increasing the current population of cats in Russia as she has neutered the males. If she has any available outdoor space, even if it’s just concrete jungle she could get some donations some day for a tailor-made cat enclosure so they can have a little extra roaming space. As for their toilet habits perhaps they could use a litterkwitter (litterkwitter.com). She obviously needs to ensure the cats stay healthy so no infections spread but I am sure that is an ongoing thought for her. She has obviously put alot of work and thought into this. It’s so easy to judge others but that’s 130 cats which have been saved from potential death.

  50. There is such a thing as quality of life, and there’s no way all those cats can have a good quality of life living at that density. It may not be immediately obvious to a casual observer, or indeed to the lady herself, but I’m sure some of those cats will be exhibiting signs of stress. There’s no sign of scratching posts or toys either. We put animals to sleep when they’re sick and can’t be healed to prevent them from suffering. Keeping an animal alive at all costs, regardless of their quality of life, isn’t necessarily a good thing. From the pictures and the video, it looks to me like this lady has lost sight of that. Those photos are definitely staged – if they don’t go outside 130 cats produce and awful lot of wee and poo. I only have 2 and the thought of multiplying that 65 times…..! There doesn’t look to be more than 60-70 cats in the first pic anyway – where are the rest?

    If the females aren’t spayed they are at much greater risk of mammary tumours and pyometra. The woman looking after them may be well intentioned but I don’t think she’s necessarily doing the right thing by these cats.

  51. There seem to be a lot of sick people here, making BS comments. I applaud this woman for ‘trying’… the cats are clean and dont display typical signs of overcrowding.. ie. eye infections, lackluster fur. They are not skinny. Ergo, its a better life then living in the street.
    You think this is bad? Have you seen the puppymills?

    On the aside… anyone that does not like cats, was a rat in a previous life 🙂

  52. How can any one judge the sanity and health of these cats by a ten second clip and a few pictures? Most importantly, how can you tell how the cats feel when you’re not experts in the subject…and for that matter, who the hell knows what a cat feels?

  53. I have 6 cats and a very large home and yard. I give them everything they want. They are all spayed and neutered, before 4 months, before any chance of reproduction activity.

    Yet, one or more of them sprays the walls, furniture, up on top of desks it (they) spray the mirror. I have a fluorescent light that I use once a week at night to find the spray, if it is difficult to locate it. Then I clean it.

    It never ends. I spend so much time opening doors, cleaning the 6 litter boxes (for each should have one, though they don’t use them as such), feeding, grooming, petting, loving etc.

    I just cannot believe that the video is a true and accurate portrayal of what it purports to be.


  54. *FYC* I actually agree with most of your commentary (stripping out the dirty whiney stuff), but since you are such a potty-mouth, you really don’t serve anything but your own little ego. It really is a shame. You can make a point without having your mouth in the toilet. (Please don’t swallow… you’ll truly get sick…)

    These cats may be taken care of in a reasonable fashion, but once one or more gets sick, disease will spread rapidly through this colony. Plus, cats are not meant to be housed like this, they are carnivores, not herd animals. I do have one cat that jumps around at the thought of food, no matter how recently fed.. but these cats are instigating the rest to do the same, by sheer numbers.

  55. i personally have 2 cats and one is just like those cats when it come to food.

    as for cats only suppose to have a 1/2 cup of food actually it is 1/2 – 1 cup 1-2 times a day.

    as for the litter boxes cats can be toilet trained just like children.

    while i think the amount of cats is a too much cats can and normally are very social animals, remember they are the smaller versions of the wild cats that do live in large prides.

  56. These cats could feed a Vietnamese family of ten for AN ENTIRE MONTH!!! If that’s not possible, then they should all be rounded up and shipped off to a cat concentration camp where they work for better Russia!

  57. wow, look at that video – just think, if she ever dies from the cold or old age, those cats are going to pick her corpse clean faster tham you can say ‘meow mix’

  58. She should find them homes, because there are so many in one room. Cats need to have space to move around (can I have one?).

  59. OMFG THIS IS SOOO FUNY, but at the same time so sad >.< i hope the cats get free before a they start mateing! that would be sad if you had like a hundred cat babbies over night!

  60. It is amazing to see the cats and the apparent so clean, they seem as if they are O.K with the crowdedness but of course as I know cats they should have much more space and privacy so they usually rather be only few in each place.

  61. If she doesn’t have enough food some night the cats will open the door by climbing on each other to reach the handle, and then pwn her in her bed.

  62. well, the whole thing is crazy and i wish she could have found homes for them as she took them in, but= it is what it is…
    they’re not freezing and starving to death, and for her to do that every day is monumental but also short-sighted. i really don’t think there are many animal agencys to help her in russia though, so what are we going to do about it? either go there and try to help/send money for the spaying, or hope for the best and be happy for the human spirit that still has compassion in the face of daunting, absurd reality!

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  73. Cute stuff! I really love cats. I also do that, I am also taking care of homeless kitties. I have 11 cats at home. They’re so cute and fluffy.

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  77. hi im lea.. Im an animal lover..but for now I have my 7 cats..including two kittens..I want to say that Im raelly2x also planning to help those animals who are homeless..I wanna feed them all,but i cant because Im stl a student..Everytime I saw animals on the streets esp.cats and dogs I felt pity to them sometimes I wonder my tears is falling away.. maybe someday I can fulfill this plan of mine..I want to say to the owner that dnt stop helping those animals who needs our help..thanks and God Bless us all:)


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