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    • That thing looks like it belows on the strip in Las Vegas, not in some shack. I would turn it off after about 5 minutes, when I started to get a headache from it.

  1. yeah,

    I saw those pictures about a year ago in a exposition/museum in Belgium.
    I think the are really great. It made me buy the book of the complete exhebition.

    Do they have a website?

  2. I’m suddenly thinking of Carl Orff’s rather silly opera, “Der Mond.” If memory serves, that Moon was supposed to be village-size, rather than personal-size, though.

  3. DaNu,

    I think this may very well work on Solar power. After all, there are many lawn lights and ornaments that run on solar power and have lifetime warranty.

  4. hey!
    I loved the idea! It would be wonderful have your own moon in front of your room.
    does anyone know if I can get one in Brazil??

  5. These pictures leave me with that one question people ask themselves when the look at the moon: “But.. what’s on the back of it????”

  6. It’s from an art project by Tishkov and Bendikov


    Here are more photos


    I haven’t found anything that says they’re being produced or anything other than an Art Project. The chain of references links back to kak.ru, where the article talks only about the moon as an art project. I only skimmed the kak.ru article though, maybe they say something about manufacturing more lightboxes in there.

  7. I love the moonie-moon ! It is so peaceful and serene. I hope it proves to be a very marketable item and is shared throughout the world ! Best of luck to its’ inventors !

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  22. Very innovative art. Nice and cool. All your pictures are so great that I copied these pictures and want to use it as my Avatar. I actually started using it without your permission. But now I am asking for it. Can I continue to use your Moons as my Avatar ? (PS: My name’s meaning is also moon.)


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