Russian Hats

hats of russian people 1

A nice collection of hats of different Russian nationalities was submitted by Bustty.

The one above is a childish hat of Turkmen people.

hats of russian people 2

A hat of Uzbeks.

hats of russian people 3

A hat of Koreans that lived on Russian territories.

hats of russian people 4

A Shaman hat of Tuva people.

hats of russian people 5

Russian “Kokoshnik”. From Pskov region.

hats of russian people 6


hats of russian people 7

Ukrainian wedding thingie.

hats of russian people 8

A bride hat of Mordva people. Penza region.

hats of russian people 9

Russian traditional hat “Grechnevik”.

hats of russian people 10

And another amateur shot of Russian “Kokoshnik” hat. Still widely used on some celebrations.

17 thoughts on “Russian Hats”

  1. True… he says russian hats and then goes on to show all surrounding peoples’ hats, except for russian. We all know what the russian hat looks like. the big square furry thing you always see russian people wearing… At least include one in your list.

    • what about the white versus red russians? I thought russians were a mixture of the tarters, slavs, and inuit. I mean i understand your point that these aren’t really all “russian” hats but to say that all russians are the same is just as misleading isn’t it?

  2. Russia has many nationalities living there… and indeed Russian nationality is the Slavic People. But for americans it is hard to understand the difference between citizenship and nationality.
    It’s like an african can come to the netherlands, he will have citizenship of the kingdom of netherlands, but he will never be dutch.

    • Specially if you invade others countries and slave that people…

      And if you invent history and create “race” where it isn’t…

  3. I’m American and I think I understand. Some immigrants learn how to behave like real Americans and some do not. I imagine it is true all over the world.

    As for the hats, they are beautiful. Was the “Grechnevik” hat for men or women? It reminds me of a hobo costume.

  4. Nice.

    But what crossed my mind is that the real “Russians” would have to be the descendants of Kievan Rus people, living in North-West of modern Russia, say – Novgorod Republic, who originally spoke various East-Slavic dialects, in great deal had Finnnish-Ugric blood and had Vikings for kings.

    That was so-o-o-o lo-o-o-o-n-g ago.

    After Mongol invasion receded and Muscovy started “gathering the Russian lands” and later not only “Russian lands” but all the lands it could lay its dirty hands on, Muscovy – which is what we call “Russia” now – ceased to be Russian in essence.

    About 80% of citizens of Russia are officially considered to be “ethnic Russians” (whatever that means), but if you check it out, you can often see by their face alone, that their ancestors are Mongoloids either from Siberian tribes or conquered Middle-Asian kingdoms.

    So, the price for acquiring huge territory for Russia has been that it actually is neither Russian nor European anymore.

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