16 thoughts on “Yet Another Set of Submitted Fotos”

  1. So thats where Igors pet cow went. I not find it the other morning. Why you take a photo of Igors door and windows!
    Also Igors car is at the bottom. All those alcohols are mine only Igor Likes ALchols and Premium Russian Vodkas

  2. Yeah, but whats the point of walking up 3 steps to get into your door? Its obviosly that heater or whatever thats in the way, so why not put the door next to it, instead of above it? You can see the outline of the door next to it at normal height. Does it drop back down to floor height on the other side of the door?

    I have plenty of imagination and I could have come up with a better explanation than yours if I was in a coma.

  3. The comments under the photos cracked me up. This blogster likes to poke fun at Russian roads, cops, construction and Machismo. Hilarious!

  4. the photo with the door is funny. i’m wondering how they managed to do this.
    and i don’t think the cow pic is photoshopped, because in a small town in Russia you can be a witness of such uncommon situation (although it’s not happened so often)

  5. the pic with the door is fun. how did they manage to do this.
    and i think the cow pic wasn’t photoshopped, because you can be a witness of such funny situation in a small Russian town

  6. Okay, I’ll bite… Pic #1, is the whole country closed for the day? I’m guessing; I don’t actually read it.

    Picture #3 is most certainly a redneck scooter. NICE.

    Pic #8–you cannot BUY beer. All you can do is rent it. How helpful to post a sign like that, so when a man has rented many beers he can find the place to return them.

    Best regards, all.

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