26 thoughts on “New Russian Sceneries”

  1. I am a photographer and I regularly browse this. These are (unfortunately) photoshopped rather a lot. Great pics, none the less, but the colour and some of the reflections there are just un-natural…

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. And yes, the lighting in several of the shots looks like they may have been done in HDR.

    Any ideas about the triplane in shot #26? Is it just someone’s hobby or are they cropdusting?

  3. Photoshopped OR not, these images are stunning and for you Ali, where can we find YOUR photography? I’d be interested in seeing if your images are as magnificent as these. Even “purists” like Ansel Adams, Walker Evans and Edward Steichen manipulated their images into the iconic ones that we see today.

  4. I would say the HDR/photoshopped aspect of the photos don’t make them look “unrealistic” so much as slightly “surrealistic”, which for me really adds to the beauty and makes them a cut above a generic landscape collection. Really breath-taking.

  5. Админчег 🙂 У меня к тебе небольшое предложение, хоть и не по теме блога 😉 Напиши пожалуйста свой обзор передачи Гордон Кихот. Особенно прошлый выпуск, про Шансон.

    Спасибо 🙂 Удачи дружище

  6. You never were in Russian village. Yes, can photos processed but if in the morning to leave in Russian field the kind will be not worse, and even better.
    It is a pity to me of those who does not live in such beauty, I love the Native land!

  7. Outstanding photography capturing light, composition and beautiful landscapes. Wonderful and a pleasure to look at over and over again.

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