car accident with moldavian wine 1

29 It’s Party Time

It’s Party Time

This unusual car wreck took place in the Ukraine, when the truck followed from Moldova to Russia has lost one of it's trailers fully loaded
with Moldavian wine. Unfortunately, most of the bottles have been broken. But the rest were rescued by the local inhabitants.
types of russian policemen by rulon oboev 1

30 Russian Police by Rulon Oboev

Russian Police by Rulon Oboev

We've already posted the series of photos from Moscow streets by this photographer. Here comes a new
photo set - the types of Russian policemen. See also: Moscow Streets by Rulon Oboev
things made of old keyboards and mouses from Russia 1

18 Keyboard Fun

Keyboard Fun

We had a man with wooden cell phone last week, now here is a man who
makes different things from old keyboards and computer mice.
roads in Ukraine 1

25 Roads in Ukraine

Roads in Ukraine

Yes we had a lot about roads in Russia, this time the roads in Ukraine, another ex Soviet country,
this is an example of a part of one of the main roads - Moscow - Kiev, this is a paved road.
drugs ad in St. Petersburg 1

37 Drugs? I Wait for You!

Drugs? I Wait for You!

There are appeared a lot of social advertising recently, the banners made in one style with one guy standing, this is either a special forces masked guy or a doctor or a guy that digs graves at cemeteries or the car repairman near the wrecked car and
on every banner there is only one phrase: "Drugs? I wait for you!". Their appearance was found somehow funny by most of Russian Internet bloggers and many photoshopped versions started to appear in Russian Internet segment.
train wrecked in Russia 1

14 Train Wreckage Between Moscow and St. Petersburg

Train Wreckage Between Moscow and St. Petersburg

A few days ago a train crashed between St. Petersburg and Moscow. Some say there was an
explosion of some kind of a mine on the rails. Luckily there were no victims.
New type of wrecker in Lithuania 1

19 New Wreckers in Lithuania

New Wreckers in Lithuania

It seems that there are new type of wreckers are on service in
Lithuania, taking care of this wrongly parked Zaporozhets car.
Swallow\'s Nest, the castle over the sea in Crimea  1

41 Swallow’s Nest, the Sea Castle in Crimea

Swallow’s Nest, the Sea Castle in Crimea

"Swallow's Nest" is a castle, built in the late XIX century near Yalta, in the South of Crimea. Situated on the steep cliff right over the
sea, it has become the symbol of the South coast of Crimea and one the of the most exciting point of interests of the whole resort.
mercedes blown up in Latvia 1

95 Blown Up Mercedes Car

Blown Up Mercedes Car

Some think that bloody mob meetings are back in 90s, but look what they do in Latvia, one of the most successful parts
of ex-Soviet Union - it's even in European Union now - they have blew up a Mercedes S Klasse this winter...
Pirates on ATM 1

7 Pirates on ATM

Pirates on ATM

This what do they call really "hacked by pirates" ATM in Russia. Also you can see more previous stories about ATMs in
Russia: ATM with non-activated Windows ATM mistake leads for $700,000,000 extra on his bank account in Russia

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