50 thoughts on “Russian People Types by Pavel Bezrukov”

      • i do think its photoshopped too because not even with the latest slr u can do some of the colors he did. or mebbe he’s just a great one.. but well i can see some of the subjects “modeling”

  1. Photoshop or not, great pictures.
    If you think wide enough, retouching photos is no different from painting on blank canvas. I consider these pictures as art, and art is never “true”. No one knows what Mona Lisa really looked like. And most of the potraits here has been taken in the same studio, by the same table and bringing a person in studio and placing him/her as photographer wants is already distorting the true nature of the object.
    But as I said, I think these are great photos with stories in them. Well, actually them stories are in the spectators head – Imagination provoking, I’d say.
    Btw, I’ve seen lot of characters and interiors like these in Karelia, but also in some backwood corner of France.

  2. Naah, Sarah.
    There lives people of all colours and skull shapes in Russia. If only one rainbow-coloured dude would live in finland, as a national resident, I’d still call him a finn.
    Or is russian people type something else than people living in russia?

    • Sure there are other types. If an African comes to Russia, and even if he gets citizenship, he’s still not a Russian.

      A Russian is someone with Aryan features, light skin and Slavic ancestry, the people that settled around Kiev and Moscow regions a millenium ago.

      In most contexts Russian is interpreted as ancestry, where as American is interpreted as citizenship.

      • I couldnt have said it better myself. Russians are viking ancestry. Blond hair, blue eyes originally, similar to swedes.

          • Positive.

            Look it up and prove me wrong if you can. I’m always open to new theories.

            Original slavs are viking….original vikings came from northern regions to settle the moscow and st pete areas (western russia, eastern europe). Vikings have aryan features. Over time people mixed and settled in different areas and created a new “race”… the Russians. Most pure blooded russians still have blond hair blue eyes as children (not infants) and they may darken as they get older.

            • Well, there is a subtlety of Russian that English lacks–there are 2 types of Russian. The first, “rossiyskiy,” is someone who is Russian in the sense of citizenship. The second, “russkiy,” is someone who is ethnically Russian; that is to say, Slavic. So, you can be a Russian in one sense and not in the other, as was the case in the USSR, where “nationality” depended on ethnicity. If your family was Chinese but had become citizens of the USSR, you’d still have been listed as nationally Chinese. Not exactly Marx’s prejudice-free utopia.

      • Here in south-eastern Finland we have lot of tourists from Russia. I don’t want to flame any stereotypes here, but we can easily spot them out in supermarket. Not by the skin/hair colour or looks of the faces but clothing, makeup and such outward factors. Just like one can tell the finnish tourists crawling in Tallinn or Vyborg.

      • Are canadians not considered french because they moved out of france? They’re still french to me.

        Are puerto-rican’s not spanish because they moved out of spain? They’re still latinos to me.

        dont African-Americans still look (and act) like africans?

        My point is, even if you move you are still the same people. you may slightly change your race through breeding, but ancestry is still visible in the new “race”.

        By the way, I’m not racist, I’m just interested in Anthropology.

        • They are “latinos” (puagh!) they are Hispanoamericans or Iberoamericans… please, read or learn something.

          Spasibo! 😉

  3. communism will return, but with a more humane nature.

    capitalism rewards selfishness and greed, and calls it “equality.”

    capitalism is like a tumor, it has to keep growing or it will die. “unlimited growth” means the cutting down of entire forests, the over-fishing of the ocean, and polluting the air, all in the name or “profit.”

    sustainability and equilibrium are the economic traits of TRUE communism, not the horrid dictatorships of the Soviet Bloc. throw away the red flags, red stars, hammers and sickles; start anew with none of the old soviet baggage.

    • We don’t really need Communism then, we need a socialist government. One with good free health care and College!

      And who’s going to lead this Government of ours?

  4. Yes it could be true that few Russians are Aryans but not all

    slavs have rounded skulls i feel germans are definatly Aryans with their long skull structure and facial features

    purest of the pure Aryans are found in remote regions of Iran, Afghanistan and Ladak in India ive seen these people n they look nordic blonde blue eyed

    i myself am a persian n no one can tell me apart from a “white ” person im blonde n light blue eyed n 6.4 “tall lol da best type of Aryan u can get n hey im a zorastrian da original Aryan faith


  5. Most of your comments are wrong, first of all, the pictures are great and are really artistic, secondly(and is not relevant)Russian people are Slavic, and are not Aryan. According to the National Socialism,(I do not agree with this) Russians were (untermenschen)so to all those pseudo racists READ AND LEARN FIRST.

  6. Very impressing Photographs, I especially like the Lighting. Paintings by a Camera, some famous Citations – really great, Mr. Pavel Bezrukov!

  7. What is up with the Aryan bs discussions?

    No.5 could be a no. of things, if you think he’s Jewish you’re probably looking for it…Gee, maybe because he looks like Jesus?

    When were these taken, just recently?

  8. When most of us refer to Aryans, we refer to blond hair, blue eyes, high cheek bones, Germanic nose, eyes in the front of the skull and so on. I.e Hitlers identification of Aryan. The word is not the issue in debate its the features, so calm down.

    BTW people, do not generalize Russians too much. There are still many Aryans of us in the Russia Federation. Even in Siberia there are Russians that you would not be able to distinguish from an Aryan German. Though it is true that it is getting fewer, mostly because of immigrants (who pop babies out like it’s going out of fashion) that come from the Southern former Soviet countries while the Aryans in Russia have a higher Mortality than Natality rate.

  9. Hmmm well none of the subjects look spectacularly happy. But the photos as portraits are really intense and otherworldly and therefore pretty interesting.

    I like from the photos I’ve seen of Russian people that you seem not to be at all ashamed to show how you feel by the expressions on your faces. I’m a bit like that too, I guess that’s why relate to it. Where I come from, nobody ever really expresses on their face what they’re thinking or feeling. I just typed this entire comment into the antispam box. (duh).

    Congratulations to the photographer, whether they be propaganda or not, they remain excellent portraits of possibly desperate people. Are these people desperate? I have a lot to learn about Russia and Russians. I love this site too by the way.

  10. I like these photos very much.
    Those who criticize should just look at them with their eyes and emotions and switch off their cerebrality.

  11. There was only one pretty, young girl in this series. Doesn’t the webmaster understand why we come here? It’s to look at pretty, young girls we are going to buy and marry.

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