Once in a Repairshop

hamster hided somwhere in the car salon 1

Guess, what is the man on the picture above doing?

If you have no ideas, then see the answer and the whole story below.

hamster hided somwhere in the car salon 2

He is searching for THIS HAMSTER, that ran away from his owners, hided somewhere in the car salon and for some reason didn’t want to get out. At the end, after six hours of searchings, the hamster was found under the plastic cover plate of the left seat belt. The owners had to pay about 400 $ for this uncommon service, and their pet became probably one of the most famous and expensive hamsters of the whole Russia.

On the last picture one can see the official representative of ROLF (the official dealer of Mitsubishi Motors in Russia) with the hamster in the bottle.

hamster hided somwhere in the car salon 3

hamster hided somwhere in the car salon 4

14 thoughts on “Once in a Repairshop”

  1. AHAH thats IS quite uncommon service, and I know all about the automotivre industry. Mitsubishi’s are the best, I didnt know they had them in Russia!

  2. our country took the west european and american ways to take apart the car.
    it used to be a lot easier with a hammer or one of those hand made tractors to deal with the problem.

  3. It’s true that russians don’t smile. They frown and scowl so much that they have a permanent crease between their eyebrows…..that’s how you differentiate them from other similar races

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