Pedal Automobiles. The Dream of Every Soviet Child

soviet pedal automobiles for children 1

In Soviet Era there were automobiles for each class of people. We already told about Zaporozhets (for the middle class), Volga (for the upper class) and even Invalidka for disabled people, who were not able to drive ordinary cars.

The point is that the Soviet children also had their own pedal vehicles for kids, mostly produced at the real car factories. For example, AZLK factory, which produced Moskvich, had it’s own section of pedal Mosckvich models.

See the photos below.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 2

This one was constructed by pioneers (Soviet boy-scouts).

soviet pedal automobiles for children 3

Brest, early 70-s.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 4

“Round” Moskvich (ALZK) with Soviet teddy bear.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 5

The factory in Lvov city.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 6

Probably another old Moskvich model. 1969.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 7

The pedal-cars section of AZLK factory.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 8

The production.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 9

Three Moskvich models.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 10

soviet pedal automobiles for children 11

soviet pedal automobiles for children 12

soviet pedal automobiles for children 13

Moskvich. The model of the late 70-s and 80-s.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 14

Volgograd, 1965.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 15

Kiev, 1976.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 16

For the greater glory of the first Soviet cosmonaut (Iyri Gagarin)

soviet pedal automobiles for children 17

Children’s transport.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 18

Another pedal “sport car”.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 19

The same.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 20

AZLK collection.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 21

This one called Raduga (Raduga factory of Serpuhov city).

soviet pedal automobiles for children 22

Some circus car in Volga style.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 23

Moscow, 60-th. Some car in Pobeda style.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 24

soviet pedal automobiles for children 25

Another Moskvich.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 26

Little Moskvich and Invalidka.

soviet pedal automobiles for children 27

And the pedal horse.


52 thoughts on “Pedal Automobiles. The Dream of Every Soviet Child”

  1. When I was a kid I used to have red Moskvich just like in those picures! It was quite rare and cool to have a car like that in Finland, and my parents wheren´t even commies.

  2. Wow, that is a reminder of my childhood days. My parents bought me a blue pedal Lada when I was about three or four. I used to take it to a grassy hill behind my house and when the grass was wet in the mornings or after a rain i tried to put it sideways and drift when going down the hill:) I didn’t even knew what was drifting, but I seen cars making handbrake slides on American action movies and series. Yeah, I was really into cars since childhood like most boys.
    I would love to still own this pedal car, but my parents gave it to somebody when i grew bigger.
    Those cars were made very rigged, unlike those modern electric kid cars. Whole made out of metal, thick plastic lights…
    If somebody is interested:
    “Pedal” prenounced [‘pedaw]is beside a bicycle or any other pedal in English, a Polish offensive word for homosexual male:)

  3. i didn’t have that car, but we often went to a park where one could rent it for a few hours. Probably it was a nightmare for the passer-bys – dozens of kids on pedal cars and pedal motorbikes, dodging around and screeching. 🙂
    Oh, sweet memories…


    • I was just thinking that a car like one of these in good shape would be worth some money today. I would have guessed more than $400, but there are not even any bids on it at $400.

  5. What fun! Thanks for a wonderful set of photos. I also appreciate the captions with additional information. Like many of those who have commented, I too dreamed of having a pedal car (or plane)as a child. My parents could not afford to buy such things but I made sure my son had one as soon as he was old enough to pedal it. He became very skilled at driving and it was a joy to see him buzzing around in it.

  6. Ahhh… the pedal car… by far the best toy for any kid… I loved it. I miss mine, I barely ever see these in the U.S.

  7. I had a more modern version of the “Sports Car” around 1984, made in German Democratic Republic I think, but the main body was the same.

  8. I actually had a red metal pedal car as a child, which was more of a rarity in the mid-70’s as the other children all wanted a, ‘green machine’, which was a sporty plastic green Big Wheel. I must say though, the Russian pedal cars look a quite bit nicer than the one I had growing up as a little American.

    The scooter shown in the ‘Kiev, 1976’ photo is pretty interesting as well, considering how popular they’ve become in recent years (at least here in the U.S.).

    Great photos, they stir up some great childhood memories for me as well.

    • 2Right: Actually it’s the same.

      A lot of kids had these scooters, they were very widespread, but I can’t say they were extremely popular among kids. Mostly they were seen as a cheep substitute to a bike, or were given to the kids who were too big to ride a tree-weeled bike, but too small to ride a two-wheeled one.

  9. I had a ’57 Chevy. Unfortunately I played demolition derby with it. If I had it now it would be worth a lot of money as an antique.:(

  10. so cool. thanks, i forgot all about these cars. always wanted one when i was a kid. unfortunately never got my hands on one.

    cool pix

  11. I used to have the same blue 70’s-80’s Moskvitch model and the pedal horse (but mine had a green saddle and mane)when I was a kid living in Kiev.

  12. i had a little green aka i was riding it on ice when i was little!:D sweet old days i still have it now in my garage ! im 14 but still fit in it!my friends like it!!! i have also a scooter with big rubber wheels and AIST bycicle!

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  14. I had the late 80′ model Moskvich my Godfather gave me for my 4th birthday. I drove that thing until I couldnt fit in it 🙂 Must say I was born in 1984 in Western Ukraine, and only few kids there could say they had one of these exotic toys. Mine was originally bought in Moscow. Pretty sure it’s still sitting somewhere behind the garage.

  15. Oh man, I want one NOW! As a little kid, I had a little red tricycle. Loved it, but these are much cooler. I want that rocket in this picture:

    We had this extremely steep hill by my house, and at the bottom was a sharp turn. The street was higher, so if you ran off the curve, you dropped down about 2-3 meters into woods. When it snowed, utility trucks could often be seen dropped down in the woods.

    The adult me freaks out with this, but the little kid in me wants to ride one of those pedal cars straight down that hill!

  16. Wow! Those cars are far better than we got here!!! I would loved to have one of those!!!
    Great work!!!
    Best regards from Argentina!

  17. Hi

    I have a moskitch pedal car, but need the original steering wheel and the seat that I cannot find
    somebody can help

    If you have good perdal cars please send a picture , I woulds like to buy


  18. Always to poor to own one but my rich cousin had one but was usually to stingy to let you ride it . Ive been lookin at them on the internet and just happened to type in pedal cars youve never seen and how right that turned out to be it seems like Russia could start remanufacturing three of them and the horse and make them just as authetic as they look and would have a great market on them. Injoyed seeing these Roy

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  20. Predivna igracka taj mali zaporozac… Vozio sam jedan bratov nekoliko puta… Predivna secanja na jedno lepo detinjstvo i park u kme smo odrasli sa dva zaporosca. Crveni i plavi. Jedan je istruleo i bacen, a drugi crveni, ukraden je.
    Sada samu potrazi za novim ili polovnim za mog sina koji ima 16 meseci. Ako neko ima neku ideju kako da ga kupim, koliko kosta i kako da dodje na moju adresu u Serbia, ex Yugoslavia, grad Cuprija. Unapred hvala.

  21. I’m from Romania (eastern europe).
    Here photographers had 2 models of these to serve at making pictures in the center of the city in parks (with children).
    I have also a picture with Moskvich ’80
    Remember that it has functional horn and headlights.

    It was my dream car 🙂 1984 or so.

  22. i just bought one i the US, used to have the same-light green, back home.
    One night i did a random search on Ebay, and it was out there.
    i’m so happy – its build like a tank, and in great shape,

  23. upravo jedan idem restaurirati za svoju kcer, narancaste boje iz 1980g.

    I’m going to restore one for my daughter, in orange color, from year 1980.


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