18 thoughts on “Moscow Cyberpunk by Goshmar”

  1. These are beautiful, but the photographer has obviously drunk far too much home-made schnapps.

    Those who complain that these pictures are lame are still obviously suffering the effect of the Soviet regime. You think you can’t do anything, so you sit there and whine. If you don’t like what you see, make something better, and post that.

  2. Yes, some of the effects are a little over done, and some simpler methods were applied.. But even so, the photography was well done.. and he has a good eye.. I liked the use of color.. not just typical black and white grunge.. I also liked the rusted metals.. the endless subway pic.. and the outer buildings…

    Nice work, nice eye, please keep adding..

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  4. Somebody make a terror movie or weird science fiction set in Moscow! And make it quick! Because its tremendously nice!

  5. Nice shots — but technically Moscow Gothic rather than cyberpunk. Cyberpunk combines dystopian imagery with high tech …

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